All too often, the journey to making a hire can be slow, arduous and expensive. On average, it takes 94 candidates to make a single hire at a large company, and even then, the time to hire can average 90 days or more for skilled workers. To make matters more complicated, recruiters use 24 different tools on average to successfully make a hire. Now imagine hiring not for one but many roles. 

Meanwhile, the global pandemic has shone a spotlight on just how complicated, slow and inefficient this journey can be. As the end of the pandemic comes into view and employers start to rebuild their workforces, it’s clear the hiring process must be reimagined so employers can more quickly make human connections with job seekers and effectively hire at scale.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Indeed Hiring Events, a comprehensive recruiting solution that lets recruiters and hiring managers manage the hiring process — from posting a job to interviewing the candidate — directly on Indeed, with no additional software. This helps employers get to the interview more quickly, making the process of hiring your next candidate simpler, faster — and more human. 

What is Indeed Hiring Events?

Indeed Hiring Events is an integrated hiring solution that helps you automate time-consuming steps in your hiring process such as screening, scheduling and candidate communications based on your job criteria and hiring needs. This allows talent acquisition teams to fast-forward to the candidate interview, dramatically shortening the time it takes to get candidates into jobs.

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By automating the repetitive tasks in the hiring process, talent acquisition teams are able to increase their efficiency and time to hire, saving recruiters up to 9 hours per requisition.1

Employers are also able to reach 80% of U.S. online job seekers on Indeed Hiring Events through the combined networks of Indeed and its sister company, Glassdoor.2 By combining Indeed and Glassdoor’s reach with recruiting automation technology in one platform, Indeed Hiring Events frees up time for recruiters to spend on the highest value activities, such as connecting with candidates.

We help you automate time-consuming tasks so you can fast-track your recruiting

So, how does Indeed Hiring Events work?

First, you determine the roles you’d like to hire for through Indeed Hiring Events. These jobs may already be on Indeed, in which case you can add them to Indeed Hiring Events, or you can create a new interview post. Either way, we can help you reach candidates across Indeed and Glassdoor, or you can bring additional candidates from your ATS.

Next, select the dates and times for your interviews, including interview time slots and whether you’d like to cap attendance. Add team members who will be interviewing candidates so they can stay in the loop leading up to the interview.

Then, if you like, you can create simple or advanced screener questions, choose an existing assessment or work with us to create a custom assessment. We use your objective screening criteria to ensure that all job candidates who successfully complete your screener are invited to interview for the role. Not only does this benefit you, it also benefits job seekers by ensuring they’re not waiting for weeks to hear back from the employer. 

After candidates successfully pass the screening, they can then schedule an interview slot. Once they select a time, they automatically receive a calendar invite for the time they chose. 

Leading up to the interview, Indeed automates communications to candidates by sending calendar invites, reminder messages and interview prep materials, boosting the likelihood that candidates show up to the interview. 

All interviews are hosted on our proprietary video interviewing technology

Once it’s time for the interview, your recruiting teams get to do what they do best. Because we helped automate the recruiting tasks leading up to the interview, recruiters and hiring managers now have the time and energy to focus on the interview and connect more deeply with job candidates.

All interviews are hosted on Indeed, and our video interviewing technology is like no other. More than a simple video conferencing tool, Indeed Interview has features that are specifically designed and built for job interviewing. For example, there is a virtual lobby for candidates where recruiters can make announcements if needed, and job candidates are greeted with a welcome message when interviewing. Recruiters also have the option to download a candidate’s resume while on the call and are able to conduct multiple interviews at the same time. 

Our all-in-one solution gives you a better picture of your hiring results

The experience was simple, fast, flexible, and fair. We hired over 50% of the candidates interviewed!"

Anthony Ormsbee-Hale
Vice President, People Operations
Civitas Senior Living

Because Indeed Hiring Events is an all-in-one hiring solution — with talent attraction, screening, scheduling, communications and interviewing all on the same platform — we’re able to more easily access measurable results, which can then be used to evaluate your recruiting funnel and boost your hiring performance.

Once your interviews are completed, we will send you a comprehensive summary snapshot including metrics such as RSVPs by source, checked-in candidates, interviewed candidates and other candidate information to give you a better overall picture of your hiring. 

Indeed Hiring Events helps employers hire quickly at scale

Indeed Hiring Events is a comprehensive and simple solution to replace the many tools an average enterprise recruiter uses to hire. With over 80% of U.S. online job seekers visiting Indeed or Glassdoor,2 Indeed Hiring Events delivers interviews, getting you to your next hire quickly.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically shifted the way we approach hiring, we’ve created a better hiring solution for both employers and job seekers. With this new solution from the #1 job site in the world,3 you’ll be able to hire quickly at scale, creating positive experiences for both you and job seekers. Ultimately, our vision is to make the experience of getting a job as easy as pushing a button — and Indeed Hiring Events gets us one step closer to this goal. 

Interested in trying Indeed Hiring Events? Introductory pricing for 2021 is a simple flat fee, which includes unlimited screening, scheduling and use of Indeed Interview for any number of people hiring in your organization. To learn more, contact your Indeed representative.

1 Indeed data, average time savings (US)
2 Comscore, Unique Visitors, April 2020. Job seeker cross-visit rate set at 3X non-job seeker rate 
3 Comscore Total Visits, March 2020