Indeed Interactive is here! After yesterday evening’s reception at the JW Marriott in downtown Austin, talent leaders and HR professionals from around the country gathered this morning to join us for a deep dive into this year’s theme: “The Human Side of Hiring.”

For those who couldn’t be here (or if you were here and want a recap) here are some of the highlights so far.

On the main stage

Our first keynote came from SVP of Marketing Paul D’Arcy, who began unexpectedly with a brief tour of the science of the eye and the role of this organ in establishing human connections. Paul then steered the audience through a wealth of research into the social and psychological aspects of work. "The human brain experiences the workplace first and foremost as a social system," said Paul, before pointing out that the best companies have a purpose that inspires connection. He summed up his talk with five ways to build human connections in the workplace. What was #1? “Help your current employees build the right community for their future colleagues.”

Paul’s thoughts on how to enhance human connections set the stage for the next keynote. Job interviews are stressful, of course. Research shows finding a new job is one of the most stressful things we can experience — next to a bereavement. But while many of us respond with a “fight or flight” instinct when in high pressure situations, Stanford psychologist and bestselling author Kelly McGonigal has made a career of studying them. In a talk that took in some of the latest scientific research on stress, McGonigal delved into tactics for dealing with pressure, the importance of compassion in forming human connections, and how recruiters can use these insights to create a better job interview experience for candidates.

And then it was time for the first round of breakouts….

Breakout insights

Just how active are job seekers, really? “76% of people say they look at job opportunities at least monthly.” Nathan Wiegert, Optimize Your Outbound Recruiting with Indeed.

Trust us, they’re really active: “91% of people say they are either actively looking for or open to a new job.” Nathan Wiegert, Optimize Your Outbound Recruiting with Indeed.

How much data fuels Indeed’s company and salary pages? “Indeed has 15 million employer reviews and over 450 million salary data points.”Jeff McCarthy, Boost Your Employer Brand with Indeed.

Indeed Works

This year at Indeed Interactive we are showcasing new products and the work of our teams in the Indeed Works space.

At the Hiring Lab/Employer Insights booth, economist Daniel Culbertson and researcher Valerie Rodden were on hand to share research from the Indeed Hiring Lab, our global economic research institute.

“Our latest report Targeting Today’s Job Seeker provides managers with a high level overview of the labor market, while also helping employers better understand the hiring landscape,” said Valerie. “It’s packed with charts on job search patterns and job seeker behavior. For instance, one of the charts shows that Millennials have much more interest in healthcare jobs than other generations, which is good — as healthcare is the fastest growing occupation in the country. So it’s a job with prospects.”

Meanwhile, Matt Berndt from Indeed’s Employer Insights team was on hand to show clients the Labor Dynamics tool. “It provides detailed supply and demand data for specific jobs in geographic markets. It covers the 77 top metros in the US. You can see every resume that’s been uploaded in the past 30 days for a city, then use advanced tools to take that down to a manageable number and really get targeted in your hiring.

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