We launched Indeed Job Analytics™ today and are making it available to any company.

Job Analytics is customized to your company and gives you a snapshot of where your jobs are posted, which jobs are receiving the most clicks from Indeed.com, what keyword searches people are using to find your jobs, and how your jobs are performing compared with similar companies. This is what your report will look like:

Company Analytics

You can see how many jobs we found on the web from your company and the trend over the last 12 months, as well as the number of jobs posted to each of your top job sites. We show your traffic trend - the number of clicks on your jobs from Indeed over the last 12 months - and your most popular job titles and locations. The top keyword searches show you which Indeed job searches generated the most clicks on your jobs. The competitive performance chart compares the average number of clicks per job you are getting from Indeed against averages for companies in your industry as well as against the average for companies advertising on Indeed.

If you'd like to see a report for your company, please contact us and we'll provide it. Let us know if you have feedback and comments - this will help us improve it.