A recent survey by Indeed reveals that finding qualified candidates is a struggle shared by almost all small businesses, with 97% of respondents reporting difficulty making the right hire at least occasionally.

With more than half of small businesses indicating plans to hire, the inability to find the right candidates is not just a concern for hiring managers. Small businesses are an important indicator of the health of the national labor market and widespread hiring difficulty can adversely affect the economy.

What makes a good fit

The need for candidates with particular skills and expertise trumped other hiring challenges, according to respondents, but hiring managers also reported struggling to find candidates who fit into their company’s culture.

How to get hiring up to speed

Despite the challenges, there are ways to chip away at the small business hiring challenge. While small businesses can be at a disadvantage when competing with the perks and compensation packages offered by larger companies, they have a lot to offer talented candidates. By emphasizing career advancement and learning opportunities, hiring managers can create job listings that attract driven candidates who relish the opportunity to play a big part in a smaller enterprise.

Hopeful signs for small business hiring

Survey respondent also hit several hopeful notes, indicating that business growth was outpacing attrition as the the main reason they need to hire. Long-term hiring plans, in particular, seem to be driven by the need for specialized skills and experience, indicating expanding business offerings and increasing sophisticated business systems.

More insights from the latest Indeed survey on small business hiring are outlined in the following infographic:

Indeed Small Business Survey