You know the struggle. You spend hours staring at pages and pages of job applications and by the time you’re done, you’re lucky if you have a handful of qualified applicants to contact.

The traditional hiring process simply isn’t efficient. Recruiters and employers primarily focus on resumes, which don’t show the full breadth of a job seeker’s capabilities. And sometimes the process opens up the door to errors and unconscious bias, which means you don’t always end up with the most qualified candidates.

The result? Employers and job seekers alike lose out.

Here at Indeed, we believe candidates should be chosen based on the fullest understanding of their skills and abilities, and we know that recruiters and employers share this belief. We thought there should be a solution that uses the latest in data-based decision-making to help find the best candidates for the job.

Today, there is. We’re excited to introduce Indeed Assessments, a screening tool that helps you identify the best-fit candidates for your jobs. Developed by expert psychologists, Indeed Assessments uses real-life simulations, skills tests, work samples, one-way video and audio interviews and more to effectively and accurately narrow down your choices to high quality applicants with greater accuracy and in less time.

Meanwhile, Indeed Assessments also helps to democratize hiring by giving people an equal chance to showcase their qualifications when applying for jobs, so that they can more easily find the opportunities that are right for them.

Technology is changing hiring for the better. Keep reading to learn more about how Indeed Assessments can transform your recruiting process.

Faster access to quality candidates

Not only does Indeed Assessments reduce the amount of time you spend combing through resumes, but it allows you to view candidates’ assessment scores as soon as they finish. The result? You get faster access to the people who are the best fit, allowing you to connect with them before they slip away.

Customized assessment tests

Whether you’re testing for topic-specific expertise - like knowledge of accounting principles - or you need to evaluate skills like critical thinking, Indeed Assessments has you covered. Choose from our extensive library of over 50 expert designed, pre-built assessments. Don’t see one that’s quite right? No problem. Just customize your own assessment to fit your unique hiring needs.

Increased objectivity and accuracy

By automating the screening process and using data-driven decision-making, Indeed Assessments helps eliminate bias and bring consistency to your candidate evaluations. Data informs every candidate recommendation, so you can feel confident that the person you’re hiring has the right skills for the job.

Greater efficiency with ATS integration

Indeed Assessments was built to maximize efficiency, so we made sure it could be integrated with your existing ATS. With seven available ATS integrations and two more in the works, you’ll have an easier time keeping track of assessments, automating customized messages to candidates and more.

Ready to find best fit candidates with less time and effort? Try out Indeed Assessments today and enhance your search for greatness.