When it comes to hiring at scale, the most important considerations for recruiters include where and how often to advertise jobs.

On average, it takes 94 candidates to make a hire at larger companies, while other roles can require double that application volume. If a recruiter has 100 jobs to fill and 94 candidates per job, that means up to 9,400 applications are needed to find the ideal hire. 

What’s more, as many as 46% of these applicants may be unqualified for the role, making the hiring process even more time-consuming.

In terms of hiring platforms, recruiters and their managers have many options to choose from: there are approximately 40,000 online job boards and hundreds of professional networks and hiring services. Managing and maintaining an abundance of platforms for hundreds or thousands of open roles requires time that many companies and recruiters don't have.

So how can you hire more efficiently at scale? The key is hiring automation, which optimizes the return on investment (ROI) of job advertisements. Indeed IQ is Indeed’s intelligent, programmatic job advertising platform that manages, tracks and optimizes complex campaigns with hundreds of jobs — all from a single user interface.

Using predictive technology, Indeed IQ manages job advertising bids and placements for recruitment campaigns at scale. The platform automatically decides how much to bid and which job boards will be most effective, eliminating time-consuming manual processes across multiple recruitment platforms and job sites.

Showcasing your jobs in the right place at the right time

Indeed IQ is a job advertising platform that uses automation to help you reach your hiring objectives by optimizing spend at the job level. The platform uses intelligent tools to distribute your budget across multiple job sites, including Indeed, Glassdoor and Indeed’s Trusted Media Network — a network of specialized third party job sites and partners.

The platform allows you to set job-level goals by budget spend, cost-per-click and desired application volume, then uses this information to automatically allocate budget toward roles that need more applicants.

Its technology ensures you don’t miss opportunities by predicting placements that will deliver the best results for your jobs. It also tracks performance to inform your buying decisions and help ensure optimal results.

Indeed IQ dashboard

Continuously optimizing for performance

Indeed IQ’s predictive technology helps you hire with less effort. 

An all-in-one platform to manage your campaigns, Indeed IQ takes care of all of your job advertising — no more toggling between various recruiting sites. 

Jobs are automatically taken directly from your applicant tracking system and posted to multiple platforms. Your account can be set up to mirror your organization’s working structure, with rapid implementation and onboarding provided by our dedicated team.

Optimizing in real time, Indeed IQ equips you with insights to make data-driven decisions. Intelligent tools include consolidated reporting and a recommendation engine that alerts you to underperforming jobs — and recommends how to address them.

Finally, Indeed IQ learns from candidate behavior and allocates budget and job placement in accordance with which roles will be easier and harder to fill, improving ROI.

Fill your jobs with Indeed IQ

Recruiting and hiring at scale doesn’t have to be challenging and time-consuming. Indeed IQ is here to help you plan, execute and track high-volume hiring campaigns to maximize your ROI — ultimately driving the right number of applicants to your jobs so you can hire with confidence.