While Indeed designs, tests, and evaluates hundreds of improvements to the job search experience each month to help more people get jobs, the recognizable blue, black, orange, and white look of Indeed and the site’s purposeful simplicity has essentially stayed the same.

It’s in this context that we are excited to announce a significant update to the Indeed job search experience. Beginning this month, visitors to Indeed.com in the U.S. will see a new way to navigate and explore jobs. For people using a desktop or laptop computer, jobs will now appear in two side-by-side panes.

Image of the new Indeed job search page.

Indeed's new look for job seekers: job descriptions will appear side-by-side with results. 

From Indeed’s inception, job clicks on Indeed have launched job seekers to a variety of career sites and other web destinations to read the full job description. To look at a subsequent job, the user would need to return to Indeed and repeat the process over again. As more and more jobs are hosted uniquely and exclusively on Indeed, this approach to navigation has made less sense and may have disadvantaged jobs which are hosted on sites that are slower and difficult to navigate. In addition, this approach has separated job descriptions from the salary and review information that candidates depend on to evaluate companies and opportunities.

In this new design, matching jobs will continue to be listed on the left side as they were previously. However, the instant a job seeker clicks on a job of interest, a second pane will appear to the right. This will provide immediate access to the job description, without requiring the user to leave the search results page, as was the case in the past. For the first time, Indeed job seekers will be able to see the search results, job description, company ratings and salary estimates on a single Indeed page.

This new experience greatly simplifies job navigation: if a job seeker sees another interesting opportunity in the search results, clicking on it reveals job description details on the right. This means no more going back and forth between tabs, or trying to get back to the original search results after being directed to a third-party site.

As a result, it is much easier for people using Indeed to look at jobs, to consider more jobs, to compare jobs and, crucially, to apply all this information to finding the right job.

Better results for job seekers and employers

After months of testing, we’ve seen that when job seekers can quickly and easily find high-quality jobs, they are more active and engaged with the companies that post their jobs with us.  These changes should also lead to better employer outcomes as the quality of applications from both sponsored and non-sponsored jobs, the number of hires, and the cost per hire should improve. (Note: employers will not see any changes to how their accounts are billed.)

This new search experience is already live in the U.S., and we will soon be rolling it out in the rest of the world. You may have also noticed some visual changes across the Indeed experience. We have also been developing new refinements to our design — stay tuned for a future announcement with more details as we complete that rollout.

With a better experience for job seekers and high quality applications for employers, we are looking forward to helping even more people get jobs in 2018.