We just launched a new feature: Job Search by Salary. You can now enter an annual salary in the keyword search box to find all jobs we estimate pay at least that much. To find marketing manager positions paying over $60,000 per year, for example, search Marketing Manager $60,000.

Job seekers have been telling us for a long time they only want to see jobs that pay enough and that salary is a key criterion in their job searches. But its been a tough problem to solve as the vast majority of the millions of job listings we aggregate do not include salary information. Our solution is to estimate the salaries of these jobs, so all jobs can be searched by salary. This is the first service of its kind - allowing job seekers to search jobs comprehensively and limit their results to jobs paying a sufficient salary.

How do we estimate salaries? We use a proprietary methodology based on an analysis of similar job listings that include salaries. We start by extracting salaries from all job listings containing this information - about a fifth of the total - and then estimate salaries for the rest.

We expect this will considerably help job seekers find the right jobs and employers receive better targeted applicants.

This feature is in beta, so your feedback is appreciated and will help us improve it. Bear in mind that our estimates are just that — estimates — and are not endorsed by companies.