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Before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, HR leaders were already facing numerous challenges in guiding their organizations, including increasing market consolidation, changes in public policies, and a wave of new technologies. All these factors presented great opportunities to the organization — but also significant disruptions.

This new survey of HR and talent leaders — developed for Indeed and only available to Leadership Connect members — explores how HR practitioners in the U.S. and Canada are approaching leadership and skill development in this unprecedented, high-pressure environment.

Key findings include: 

  • The top three HR leadership trends are improving DE&I; adopting a clear, definitive position on social issues; and incorporating a skills-based approach into the hiring process.
  • A vast majority of respondents, 93%, are strategically reevaluating or transforming their company’s approach to skills; 40% also need or are already introducing a new skills-based strategy. 
  • While 59% of respondents were highly confident in their talent acquisition strategy  before COVID-19, only 17% are highly confident in its aftermath. 

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