Welcome back to Indeed Interactive! Following the morning’s keynotes and sessions we continued our exploration of the Human Side of Hiring. Here are just a few of the highlights….

On the main stage

Indeed president Chris Hyams began his keynote on an enigmatic note as he explained that he would be talking about an “Orange Chair.” Why? Years ago at Indeed we started putting orange chairs in all our conference rooms as a permanent reminder of the job seeker because —as Chris explained — “Doing what’s right for the job seeker is ingrained in our culture.” This fundamentally impacts how Indeed does business, as when we are asked to do things that will negatively impact the job seeker experience we have to say no. But Chris followed that up with some good news: time and again we have found that “what’s best for the job seeker is best for employers.” Chris also gave attendees a glimpse of Indeed’s internal “Job Seeker’s Bill of Rights” and spoke about how these core principles continue to inform our mission of helping people to get jobs.

Next up was Indeed’s SVP of product, Raj Mukherjee, who went beyond the search engine to provide an up-close look at some Indeed products recruiters may know about, but be less familiar with. Raj explored how to get the most out of the 90 million resumes in the Indeed Resume database, and then took a look at how Seen by Indeed (with its 90% response rate) is helping employers tackle the tech talent shortage. After exploring how Indeed Targeted Ads can improve the quality of your applies, he revealed some interesting numbers about our Company Pages — for instance, did you know that job seekers who visit them apply 5.5 times more often? They do. At the center of the keynote lay a single idea: that technology should be a liberating force. As Raj put it: “In the end, employment is not ecommerce - it is about the “human” connection!”

Breakout insights

Empathy matters — and it’s good for business, too: "The top 10 companies in the Global Empathy Index 2015 increased in value more than twice as much as the bottom 10, and generated 50% more earnings." Bianca Rehmer and Jackie Dewald, Empathy for Business Success: Spark Connections, Win Talent and Propel Your Business Forward.

Want to try something new in your interviews? Lindagrace de La Cruz shared some tips (and exercises!) from the world of improv. Here are some tips: Be willing to veer off the agenda, release restrictions and play. Sounds like fun. Lindagrace de La Cruz, “Yes, and….” Using Improv to Foster Powerful Connections with Candidates.

Are the days of the office job numbered? Maybe not yet, but the times they are a-changing: “Searches for flexible work grew 58% between the end of 2014 and the end of 2016” Jeff Johnson and Christopher Gamble, Staffing and RPO: Partner with Indeed to Maximise Your Recruiting.

Cast aside the cliches: “Millennials are not job hoppers but stay even longer with early employers than previous generations.” Tara Sinclair and Paul Wolfe,

Should we fear the rise of the machines? Maybe not — some people welcome them: “73% of candidates say technology has made job search and recruiting much easier.” Carmen Bryant, Could a Robot Take Your Job? Exploring the Intersection of Human Touch and Technology.

Indeed Works

This year at Indeed Interactive we are showcasing new products and the work of our teams in the Indeed Works space. At the Employer Branding booth, Indeed’s Director of Product Marketing Mary Miller was on hand to provide attendees with insights into how Company Pages can work for them. Haven’t signed up yet? Here’s why you should: “It gives employers a way to direct and control their own story through managing a page featuring video, images reviews and more — for free. And it’s a way for job seekers to find out everything about your company, and not just that but to follow it via updates”.

Mary also spoke about a new, limited offering: Indeed Targeted Ads Brand (or ITA Brand for short). “Let’s say you have a specific audience applying for specific jobs in a specific market — say, you need a marketing professional on the northeast coast for an online marketing job. This will let you target a brand message at specific people based on their location, search history, qualifications and expertise — you can send a message to them, get them to visit your company page, follow your company and can see specific jobs.”

And wrapping it up on the main stage...

Harvard psychologist, TED star and author Amy Cuddy led the audience on a journey through the world of body language and how it relates to recruitment. Job interviews are filled with unspoken communication on the part of both candidate and interviewer, and Cuddy’s insightful and empathetic take on how to interpret “nonverbals” and consciously use body language to help candidates bring their true selves to an interview left everybody in the room thinking about how to apply the science of interaction to their own day-to-day practices.

That’s it for today! Thanks to all our speakers and attendees for joining us and we’ll see you tomorrow for another day of insights and sharing.

As for us, well — the night is still young and Gary Clark Jr. is about to take the stage at Moody’s ACL Theater. We’ll be back!