Pilot Flying J is one of the largest travel center chains in North America with 800 locations that cater to professional drivers and motorists by offering fuel, food and great service at every stop. From cashiers to servers to drivers, a lot of team members across a variety of positions are needed to keep all locations running smoothly, so keeping roles filled is a constant challenge.

Driving quality interviews up and cost-per-hire down

Making 35,000 hires per year is no small feat, so reaching 80% of US online job seekers through Indeed and Glassdoor 1 provides a much-needed constant pipeline of candidates for always-on roles. 

An early adopter of Indeed Hiring Events, Pilot Flying J sees Indeed Hiring Platform as ‘an extension of the Indeed we know’; is holding 300 hiring events per year; and is loving the flexibility and powerful combination of both in-person and virtual options. 

The cost transparency and analytics helped Pilot Flying J increase the number of interviews while lowering its overall cost-per-hire from $33 to just $10.

An efficient, seamless solution that fuels the Pilot Flying J brand

Because of the competitive nature of many roles, Pilot Flying J’s talent acquisition team appreciates that Indeed Hiring Events and Indeed Hiring Platform elevate their brand while saving their recruiters so much time. Everything from advertising to screening to communicating with job seekers is not only taken care of but is seamlessly integrated and professional looking. And the experience is working well for candidates too, with over 75% of applicants getting offers on the spot.

“Indeed is our number one source of applicants, and we could not staff our businesses without them,” says Yvette Fragile, Manager of Talent Acquisition Operations for Pilot Flying J.

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