SilkRoad recently released data that shows Indeed provides more hires than any other external recruitment source. The complete findings are available in Recruitment Marketing Effectiveness: Meaningful Metrics Straight From the Source, a report on the performance of recruitment marketing sources that is based on objective primary data.

The scope of research is impressive, consisting of 2011 calendar year hiring data from 700+ employers (including 10 of the Fortune 500 and 50 of the Fortune 1000):

  • 222,308 job postings
  • 9.3 million applicants
  • 147,440 interviews
  • 94,155 hires

Automated source tracking provides the most accurate metrics for determining recruitment marketing return on investment. Because this report is based on automated source tracking data pulled from the SilkRoad OpenHire Applicant Tracking System (ATS), it is the most accurate and comprehensive research available on the effectiveness of recruitment marketing.

Among the report’s most compelling findings:

  • Employers say interviews and hires are the most important measures in determining the quality of a recruitment marketing source.
  • Indeed provides employers with more interviews and hires than any other external recruitment source:
#1 External Source of Hire Chart
  • Indeed provides employers with more interviews than any other site:
Interviews Chart
  • Indeed provides employers with more hires than any other site:
Hires Chart
  • Indeed is the top external source of hire in 6 of 7 major job categories:
    Administrative Services, Customer Service, Engineering, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Information Technology

We encourage you to read SilkRoad’s report to get the latest data on recruitment source effectiveness and insights on measuring the results of your recruiting strategy.

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