Today, talent acquisition and human resource professionals are navigating transformational change — and with change comes innovation. As employers pivot their recruitment strategies based on new economic realities, the hiring process is also evolving with the use of virtual hiring technologies. No longer restricted to a few niche use cases, many employers are recognizing the advantage of utilizing online recruitment tools long-term. Let’s explore how you can reinvent your hiring process with virtual technologies.

A March 2020 survey of 200 employers found that: 78% of companies that were hiring used virtual tools to conduct the process.

With virtual hiring, employers can:

  • Make the hiring process much faster and lower the cost per hire
  • More efficiently handle interviews and candidate screening at scale
  • More efficiently identify the most promising talent out of an applicant avalanche
  • Use automated tools to improve the candidate experience

How can you take full advantage of virtual hiring technologies?

Deploy virtual technologies for bulk hiring needs

  • Seasonal roles
  • New location openings
  • Rapid return-to-work initiatives

Keep user experience in mind

  • Test new technology and receive training beforehand so you can focus on candidate interactions rather than technical difficulties
  • Survey candidates about their virtual experience to continuously make process improvements
  • Determine alternative accommodations in advance (i.e., phone interviews for job seekers who don’t have access to a computer or high-speed internet)

Be efficient

  • Use automated tools to schedule interviews, send reminders to applicants who RSVP’d and send thank-yous to those who participated
  • Add screener questions or online assessments early in the process to filter candidates that meet your requirements
  • Consider skipping the lengthy resume review process altogether

For example, Indeed Hiring Events allows employers to add screener questions to their event pages and offers virtual interviewing capabilities. This, along with Indeed’s advanced matching technology and automation, helps employers quickly target and engage with interview-ready candidates, allowing them to focus on making human connections that lead to stronger hires.

Image: Example of Indeed Hiring Events screener questions feature.


  • Inform candidates about the virtual hiring process and provide detailed instructions about how to use the platform
  • Use text or chat functions to support candidate engagement
  • Leverage automated tools so you can focus on making a personal connection with job seekers

Showcase your employer brand

  • Share company information on your virtual hiring event page
  • Provide content, like videos and testimonials, for candidates to explore when they’re waiting in a virtual interview queue
  • Tell your story and be transparent during the interview about what it’s like to work at your company

The future is now

With the right process in place, recruiters are discovering that virtual hiring technologies are both efficient and effective when it comes to finding qualified candidates.