Indeed was founded on a simple idea: we help people find jobs. To deliver on that promise, we provide job seekers with the most comprehensive and relevant search results possible. If there is a job available, we want to make sure it can be found quickly and easily. We work to ensure that job seekers find unique, high-quality jobs that are as close to the original hiring source as possible.

Inside the Trust & Safety team

With over 16 million jobs on Indeed at any given time, we are continually optimizing our evaluation of organic job listings. We have an entire team of technologists dedicated to delivering quality search results for our job seekers. For years, we’ve been focused on this topic and continue to invest in search quality.

Indeed’s Trust & Safety team makes decisions independent of any existing business relationships, much like how newspapers divide decision-making between editorial and sales units. The team’s only criterion in making decisions about job postings is to do what is best for the job seeker. We find that doing what's best for the job seeker only benefits employers as they're able to find the most relevant candidates for their open positions.

Using data, our Search Quality system relies on several key job seeker satisfaction metrics, including: how likely job seekers are to come back to the site, how many searches they perform, how many good job listings they find, how many applications they submit and how many hires are made. We continue to see a steady increase in all of these metrics as a result of our search quality activities.

Our evaluation criteria

So how does the Trust & Safety team prioritize search results? Here are some of the general guidelines for the display of organic job listings:

  • The job is a job. Listings that are not jobs - such as advertisements, training courses, franchise opportunities and fraudulent listings - are not allowed on Indeed and will be removed if discovered.
  • The job isn’t reposted. When a job is repeatedly deleted and then reposted, it provides a negative experience for job seekers.
  • The job is easy to apply to. Job listings that require registration fees, application fees, signing fees or required training that the employer provides for a fee are not accepted or will be removed, as soon as possible, when discovered. In general, the application process should be simple and easy to understand for all job seekers.
  • The job posting includes important and accurate information pertaining to the job. The job listing includes the location, company name, job title and an adequate job description.
  • The job is unique. We believe the job seeker deserves to view the best version of a job. Duplicate listings, among multiple sources or within a single source, are not accepted or will be removed.

For job seekers, it’s confusing to see multiple versions of the same job from different sources. While it’s not unusual for employers to send the same job to multiple sites including career sites, job distributors, job boards, association websites, and even staffing agency sites, it’s our job at Indeed to filter out duplicates and highlight the single source that provides the best job seeker experience. When Indeed receives the same job from multiple sources, we try to identify the single best source for the job seeker. When choosing among multiple options, we look at the simplicity of the apply process, traffic metrics, and mobile device usability among many other factors.

In addition, we take the subject of fraudulent listings very seriously. We make every effort to identify job postings that ask job seekers to pay to apply, ask for sensitive personal information, or contain other indicators of fraudulent activity, and when we find them, they are blocked and removed from our search results. We believe strongly in protecting the trust of job seekers, and we will endeavor to act swiftly and decisively to remove fraudulent sources from Indeed and to prevent them from returning.

We continually invest in search quality, all for the goal of delivering the best possible search experience for our job seekers. We are committed to improving the quality of our results further and ensuring that Indeed continues to be the world’s best job search engine.