Economic uncertainty caused by the coronavirus has drastically changed the recruitment landscape in just a few short months. While some employers have needed to quickly ramp up hiring, others are pivoting their talent acquisition strategy, shifting away from competing in a tight labor market to slowing or pausing hiring completely. 

Here at Indeed, we want to help you navigate these challenging times and provide you with tools to support your current and future hiring needs. Even if you’re not currently hiring, it’s important to maintain positive relationships with job seekers to keep your employer brand relevant. How you respond to this crisis — including your treatment of employees and job seekers — will impact how your company is perceived when it’s time to start hiring again.

One way to maintain a strong employer brand is to keep job seekers up to date on your hiring status through your Indeed Company Page. This is your employer profile on Indeed that helps you showcase your company culture and attract the right candidates. You can tell your story by adding company information, photos and videos to the page, and encouraging employees to share reviews on what it’s like to work there. People can also follow your page to get updates when new jobs and company reviews are posted, and you’ll have the ability to track your Company Page’s performance metrics. Even if you don’t have open jobs right now, making simple updates to your Company Page ensures that you’re staying in touch with people who are interested in your organization.

5 easy ways to keep in touch with job seekers using Indeed Company Pages

To take advantage of Indeed Company Pages, log into your Indeed account and, if you haven’t already, claim your page to unlock employer-only features that will allow you to share updates (you’ll need edit access to use these features). Now you’re ready to showcase what your company is doing in response to COVID-19, and why it’s a great place to work.

1. Communicate how you’re responding to the COVID-19 crisis. This is not business as usual. It’s important to acknowledge this and ensure your messaging appropriately reflects the current work environment. Take a look at Indeed’s Company Page as an example. Via your Employer Tools dashboard, you can add your company’s official COVID-19 information and links  to the ‘News & Updates’ section under the “Why Join Us” tab. If you’d like your official statement linked to the “Reviews” tab, please reach out to your Sales or Client Success representative for assistance. 

2. Hiring now? Let candidates know. Don’t assume they’ll find you on their own. According to our data, job seekers are searching for job titles and competencies that they think are in demand. For example, companies that have made major public announcements about their hiring needs have seen an uptick in searches. Employers that are still hiring should actively market these opportunities. With Company Pages Premium, you’ll have access to branded email alerts, which allow you to customize the automatic emails sent to your followers when new jobs and/or reviews are posted – for example, letting them know how you’re keeping employees, HR personnel and candidates safe during this challenging time. 

3. If you have an especially critical role to fill, make sure to feature that job. Of course, we understand that all of your jobs are important — but at a time like this, there may be more urgency to fill some roles than others. Company Pages Premium allows you to feature these mission-critical roles by showcasing them at the top of your page. To do this, go to the “Jobs” tab, then click on the ‘Feature this job’ box under the job you would like to feature. The job will then show up at the top of your Company Page under the “Jobs” tab whenever someone visits your page.

4. Use custom content to provide an inside look at how your company is taking care of its employees. This is an opportunity to tell your story in a transparent and sincere way. Share how you’re supporting employees, embodying company values and making a difference during this difficult time. Bring your story to life using multimedia — you can add up to 10 videos, images or texts to your Company Page. Mobile-friendly brand content is more important than ever as many people rely on mobile devices for their job search. For employers with Company Pages Premium, video content will be visible to people searching for jobs on their mobile device. 

5. Work smarter, not harder. Instead of posting updates in multiple places, link your website and corporate social media accounts to your Company Page. This allows you to automatically share updates from those platforms directly on your page, saving you valuable time and allowing job seekers to access the most up-to-date information about your company.

Whether you’re currently hiring or taking a momentary pause during these uncertain times, keeping your Indeed Company Page updated will help you maintain a strong employer brand and attract the right talent. 

At Indeed, we’re here to help you navigate evolving recruitment trends so that you’re set up for long-term hiring success. Whether it’s finding the right candidates or maintaining relationships with job seekers, we’ll continue to provide tools and resources to support your hiring needs as you plan for the future.