Some 83% of employers report that they’ve been “ghosted at every step of the hiring process,” pointing to a disorganized hiring process as the No. 1 reason. And with core unemployment still relatively high, chances are the resulting influx of candidates into the labor market hasn’t made managing outbound hiring any easier. 

The good news: Indeed can help. You may already be familiar with Indeed Resume as a powerful recruiting tool for sourcing quality candidates. Indeed Resume’s features enable you to quickly search, filter and refine your talent pool. And, with the platform’s ability to message candidates directly, engaging with ideal talent is easy, too.

Indeed Resume’s newest feature, Projects, allows you to do even more with an already dynamic recruiting tool. Projects provides a single workspace, with tools to organize and manage your hiring campaigns, which enables you to work more efficiently.

Let’s take a closer look at how Projects from Indeed Resume can help you get — and stay — organized.

Streamline your outbound hiring efforts in a single, organized workspace 

Whether you’re sourcing a high volume of candidates for a single position or looking to fill many roles at once, keeping track of it all can be a real challenge. Which candidates did you contact? Have they responded? Which of 24 hiring technologies and tools should you use to track all of this activity?

Juggling emails, applications, spreadsheets and portals across multiple platforms creates an ever-present risk — that your ideal candidates could be slipping through the cracks. What’s more, all that time and energy spent in process management could easily be invested in more impactful work, like improving the job seeker experience or personalizing your candidate outreach efforts.

With Projects from Indeed Resume, you can sort and manage candidate search and outreach from a single, organized workspace. Instead of wading through impossibly long lists of saved and contacted candidates, candidates can be grouped by job role, location, hiring manager and client — or whatever best suits your workflow — for easy access.

Within each project, you can track candidate outreach at a glance with “Contacted” and “Not Contacted” indicators. Additionally, response tags automatically label a project with your contacts’ status: “positive response,” “negative response” and more. These indicators and tags make the information you need immediately visible without extra clicks or hassle.

Once you’re ready to move onto the next stages of the hiring process, our Google Chrome extension, ZapInfo, can bring you closer to hiring your ideal candidate. With this extension, you can more quickly capture and send data to your ATS or CRM about candidates who have responded positively. Learn more about using ZapInfo with Indeed Resume and install ZapInfo from the Google Chrome web store to get started.

See Projects from Indeed Resume in action

Projects, with its flexibility and organizational capabilities, can help make Indeed Resume your go-to workspace for managing the many activities that go into recruiting ideal talent. And its intuitive interface makes Projects simple to use, so you can stay organized from the start. 
If you’re an Indeed Resume Standard or Professional subscriber, log in to get organized. Here are two easy ways to start utilizing Projects (and ditch those spreadsheets):

  • Projects tab: Navigate to the Projects tab to start one new project — or many. Create folders, where you can save and review candidates. And when you’re ready, reach out to your candidates right then and there from within the project.
How to use the Projects interface on Indeed.
This animation demonstrates how to use the Projects interface in Indeed’s Resume Standard or Professional platform.
  • From “Search”: Projects are also embedded in our core search experience. When you conduct a search on Indeed Resume, you can create a new project directly from the results page. You can add candidates to any existing projects from there, too.
How to use the Projects interface on Indeed.
This animation demonstrates how to use the Projects interface in Indeed’s Resume Standard or Professional platform.

Visit the Employer Help Center for additional information about Projects, and to learn how to use it.

Start optimizing your hiring efforts with the organizational simplicity and power of Indeed Resume’s Projects feature. The less time spent on administrative hassles, the more focus you can give to nurturing candidate relationships and attracting ideal applicants — the things that truly matter in recruiting top talent.

New to Indeed Resume? Learn more about how to discover great talent, speed up your search and find relevant, responsive candidates. When you’re ready, subscribe to start using Projects.