You've posted your jobs and begun to receive applications from promising candidates. What's next?

Growing businesses need tools to organize candidates’ information as they look for the right hire — hiring is too important to manage from your inbox when every new addition to the team has such a big impact. The Indeed employer dashboard puts everything you need in one place so you can measure the effectiveness of your recruitment strategy.

This dashboard has four resources that can help you sort through applicants and make the right hires:

1. Get a comprehensive view of your campaign

The Overview tab in the dashboard provides a view of open, paused and closed jobs as well as how many people have applied to each position.

From this tab, you can see how many people you’ve phone screened, how many you’ve interviewed and how many you’ve made offers to. This lets you know where each candidate is in the hiring process. Other stakeholders in your company can also leave feedback on candidates, and their input is shown on this page.

2. Keep track of your jobs

The Jobs tab on the employer dashboard displays a list of all jobs currently available at your company, and shows how many people have clicked on and applied to each job.

On this page, you can also see the budget you’ve set for each job. Change any aspect of your posting by clicking “edit job” beneath the job title.

3. Evaluate your candidates

From the Candidates tab of your dashboard, you can preview applicants to your jobs at a glance. Clicking on a name gives you a closer look at an applicant’s qualifications and expertise. From here, you can also forward resumes to other hiring stakeholders for feedback.

When you’re ready to act, email the candidate or schedule an interview from this page. Make notes about candidates or star them for later review. As you move through the process, you can indicate whether a candidate has been screened, interviewed, rejected or hired.

4. Get performance reports to track progress

To get a detailed understanding of how your job posting is performing, you can generate a performance report from this dashboard. The report shows how many views, clicks and applies your job is receiving. These clues can help you create more insightful, keyword-rich job descriptions that get your post into more — and more relevant — search results.

For more information on hiring with Indeed and tracking your recruitment efforts, take a look at our Resources for Employers. To learn more about how your jobs are performing on Indeed, contact us.