As part of the research behind The Indeed Job Happiness Index, we wanted to understand how job satisfaction (and job dissatisfaction) vary from location to location. All around the world, workplace happiness is influenced by a number of factors, and even within the US, job satisfaction can vary from city to city.

By analyzing the reviews current and former employees leave for employers in 35 major metros across the US, we were able to identify the nation’s top 10 cities for workplace satisfaction.

Los Angeles # 1 for Job Satisfaction in US

As the list below reveals, not only is Los Angeles first for job satisfaction, but the Golden State is getting it right in other cities too. Many of America’s happiest employees live and work in California.

Top 10 US Cities for Job Satisfaction
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Five of our top 10 cities for job happiness are located in California. San Diego, San Francisco and Riverside all made the list while San Jose, the unofficial capital of Silicon Valley, rounded it out at at #10. No other state had more than one city in the top 10. Meanwhile Sacramento, the state capital of California just missed out on the top 10, landing at #11.

Of course, there are many reasons why people in Los Angeles might feel happy—the excellent weather, the diverse and exciting culture, the movie star glamor and the wide array of jobs on offer (which we explored in our recent blog on the Oscars). Interestingly, even though second place Miami scored higher for individual measures of satisfaction such as culture, job security work-life balance and culture, Los Angeles still ranked highest for overall satisfaction.

As for the happiest jobs in LA, they show that there is much more to LA than media stereotypes. The #1 job for satisfaction is “personal assistant” while “producer” adds a touch of showbiz at  #2. “Creative director,” “production assistant”  and “teaching assistant” also rank highly.

Denver is #1 for Job Disgruntlement in the US

As for US cities with the lowest levels of job satisfaction, we see a much wider geographic dispersion. No state has more than one city in the top ten, while the #1 major metropolis for disgruntled workers is Denver.

Top 10 US Cities for Job Dissatisfaction
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Of course, with its highly skilled workforce, dynamic economy, and proximity to excellent skiing Denver may seem like a surprising candidate at #1. And in fact, last year Forbes magazine ranked Denver as the best city to live in the US pretty much for the reasons listed above.

Denver may be a great city with many attractions, but wealthy and prosperous places are not always home to the happiest workers. In fact, when it comes to ranking countries for happiness, Japan and Germany, two of the world’s biggest economies, landed at the bottom of the list for global workplace satisfaction—a fact we explore in more detail in the report.

To find out more about job satisfaction in the United States and the world, read the Indeed Job Happiness Index 2016.

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