As the class of 2016 sets out into the world of work, optimism is running high. In fact, according to a new survey from Indeed, 86% of new graduates are confident that they will find a full-time job within a year. But where are they planning to work?

For many fresh grads, the bright lights of the biggest cities that have the strongest appeal. Indeed survey data shows us the top three most popular cities for the class of 2016 are also America’s largest cities by population—New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

With their booming populations and diverse economies, these three cities are good choices for people at the start of their careers. For instance, New York is a center of finance but also has a large government sector and is strong when it comes to jobs in the arts, law, technology and media. Los Angeles and Chicago similarly offer multiple pathways and possibilities.

However, it’s not simply a case of “biggest is best” when it comes to where new grads want to work. Houston, the fourth largest city in the US, lands outside the top ten at #11, while Seattle beats out bigger cities including Dallas, Philadelphia and fellow tech hub San Francisco.

The jobs new graduates are searching for

In this infographic, we rank the cities by popularity among the class of 2016 and add some other key data points: the jobs new graduates are searching for on Indeed, the local unemployment rates and the average rent on a studio apartment in each city (a crucial consideration for new job seekers).

And for those who don’t enjoy the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, here’s some good news: Job creation is up outside major cities. So, for those who prefer a quieter pace of life, there are opportunities too.

Infographic based on Indeed survey data showing the top 10 most popular cities for the class of 2016.

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