Do you consider your job very stressful? If so, you’re not alone — in a recent survey on workplace stress levels, 76% of respondents said stress at work has had a negative impact on their personal relationships, while 66% have lost sleep due to work stress.

But implementing best practices for work-life balance is crucial to getting the best out of employees. While long, demanding hours may give the superficial appearance of productivity, a balanced working style leads to happier, healthier and more impactful employees and can help with talent retention.

In fact, studies show that employees who believe they have good work-life balance work 21% harder than those who don’t. Interestingly, this number doesn’t require employees to actually participate in work-life benefits offered by their employers — but they need to be reassured that the service is there and they can take advantage of it if they need to.

So which companies are hitting it out of the park when it comes to setting an example of good work-life balance? We analyzed Indeed’s 100 million ratings and reviews to identify the companies receiving the highest ratings for helping employees achieve a healthy balance between the personal and professional. Here’s what we found.

Real estate giant Keller Williams leads for the second year running

This year’s list includes a variety of industries, such as real estate, retail, banking, consumer goods, aerospace, health care and tech. But at the top, we see a familiar name: Keller Williams Realty, the real estate franchise that also placed first in last year’s rankings of the Top-Rated Workplaces for Work-Life Balance.

The 15 top-rated workplaces for best work/life balance in 2019.
This table features the top 15 workplaces with the best work/life balance in 2019, based on employer ratings and reviews on Indeed: 1) Keller Williams Realty, 2) In-N-Out Burger, 3) Capital One, 4) Cisco, 5) Coldwell Banker, 6) H-E-B, 7) Century 21, 8) RE/MAX, 9) Kaiser Permanente, 10) Vans, 11) Ochsner Health System, 12) Northrop Grumman, 13) Booz Allen Hamilton, 14) American Express, 15) Johnson & Johnson

Keller Williams trusts their associates to make their own schedules and believes it gives them ownership of their time as well as their earning potential. It seems that giving people that kind of flexibility can have a big impact on work-life balance, as we see three additional real estate firms placing high in our rankings: Coldwell Banker (#5), Century 21 (#7) and RE/MAX (#8).

Meanwhile, West Coast burger chain In-N-Out Burger and financial services firm Capital One round out the top three. In-N-Out is known for offering employees above-average compensation, but its employees also enjoy flexible working hours, with one review stating the management “is always accommodating to your work/school/life schedule.”

Cisco (#4), the only tech company on this year’s list, offers a variety of perks to ensure its employees are happy and healthy — from on-site medical and fitness centers to a “fun fund” for each team to use on activities per quarter. The company also strongly encourages remote work, with most of their 80,000 employees working remotely at least part of the time. To guarantee its employees operate comfortably, Cisco relies on state-of-the-art technology to make sure collaboration is seamless among employees.

Meanwhile, employees at our top retail company, H-E-B (#6), enjoy being able to have flexible schedules and working hours. One former cashier was very impressed by the “15 minute breaks on the dot and the accessibility to trade shifts at the click of a button.” Another employee said the scheduling is the best perk and that “you are never scheduled when you are unavailable and it is very easy to post and pick up shifts.”

In addition to flexible hours, many companies on our list offer perks that empower employees to have a healthy balance among work, family, and individual time.

Capital One helps make working parents’ lives easier by offering alternative child-care options during a lapse in normal care arrangements and also gives up to 18 weeks of maternity leave.

Vans (#10), the shoe manufacturer known for their skateboarding shoes and apparel, offers employees alternative work schedules — meaning shortened Fridays every week of the year, in addition to an on-site gym and yoga classes.

Rounding out our Top-Rated Workplaces is consumer packaged goods company Johnson and Johnson (#15), which offers eight weeks of paid leave to all new parents at any of their operating companies around the world — maternal, paternal, adoptive or surrogacy-assisted — as well as 17 weeks of paid leave to mothers in the U.S. who have given birth.

The best of the best: What are employees saying?

1. Keller Williams Realty

Founded: 1983

HQ: Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas-based Keller Williams Realty is the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count. It’s also known for its agent-centric culture as well as its focus on training and education, and the company believes their primary role is to stand behind agents and help them grow their businesses.

The real estate giant’s employees definitely feel the love, with one employee describing the Keller Williams culture as collaborative, family-oriented and extremely supportive. “I enjoy making my own hours every week and being my own boss,” says another employee. “Being a realtor gives me the space and flexibility I need to create a better environment for my family.”

Another agent commented on the “excellent training culture that helps new agents quickly become earning agents,” adding that Keller Williams keeps agents happy and motivated with “support you rarely find in any career.”

2. In-N-Out Burger

Founded: 1948

HQ: Irvine, California

In second place is California-founded fast-food chain In-N-Out, known for its fresh burgers, fries and shakes. While the fast food chain has somewhat of a cult following, it’s not just the customers who love it. In-N-Out employees also have great things to say about their jobs and the work-life balance the company offers.

One employee says working at In-N-Out is a great job to have while attending school, pointing to reasons like good pay, flexible work hours, room for career advancement, fast pace and coworkers who are like family.

Another employee says In-N-Out “gives you plenty of chances for advancement and is always willing to work with your schedule.” While it’s a great place to work, the employee does note it “comes with its challenges just like any other job.”

3. Capital One

Founded: 1988

HQ: McLean, Virginia

Capital One, the bank-holding company specializing in credit cards, auto loans and banking/savings accounts, ranks tenth on the list of largest banks in the United States by assets. On our list, it ranks third for exemplary work-life balance, rising up through the ranks from sixth last year.

One employee says Capital One has the “best work culture I have ever experienced, along with great leadership,” adding that flexibility is the biggest perk the company has to offer and that it’s a really fun place to work.

A recurring theme in employee reviews is that employees feel cared for by the company. “They offer extensive job training, encourage growth within the company, have outstanding benefits and provide a fun and engaging work environment,” one employee says. Another says Capital One is very focused on their associates and provide them with great benefits, PTO and work-life balance.

4. Cisco

Founded: 1984

HQ: San Jose, California

Cisco, the tech giant known for its computer networking products, walks the walk when they say they put their customer first.

“They will delay a deal that's not in the customers' best interest and will go to great lengths to solve customer problems,” one employee says, adding that Cisco also places a premium on work-life balance and treating employees with fairness and respect.

The company encourages its employees to be active in their communities and volunteer, as well as to “innovate and take risks.” Employees love Cisco’s emphasis on flexibility, saying the company offers “great collaboration tools” that allow employees to work remotely, thereby encouraging work-life balance.

5. Coldwell Banker

Founded: 1906

HQ: Madison, NJ

Rounding out our top five is (you guessed it!) real estate franchise Coldwell Banker. Coldwell Banker is the oldest residential real estate franchise in North America, as it was founded by young entrepreneurs in 1906. Despite its 113-year history, the firm beats out many younger companies on our list when it comes to providing great work-life balance.

One Coldwell Banker employee loves waking up and being their own boss but says the company helps make the business end of the job so much easier. “They will train you the right way, and if you have the drive and spirit you will get the results you're looking for,” the employee says, adding that the commission split is very generous.

A former employee liked how one can be as independent as they want to be at the firm. Despite that, employees are also able to work in a team setting, and any help or support is available when needed. “It always felt like a family setting,” the employee said, adding that working at the firm “made me develop as a hard worker and a professional.”