Health care professionals are essential to our health and well-being — and we need them more than ever as baby boomers age and the US faces a serious shortage of health care workers. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that between 2014 and 2022, a total of 1.2 million vacancies for nursing jobs will emerge.

Working in a hospital can be challenging, but a job caring for the sick and promoting health can also be very rewarding to those who find satisfaction in helping others. However, the skills needed to perform hospital jobs can’t be learned overnight — in most cases it takes years of school and training. Meanwhile, the high level of human interaction involved in medical care means that automation won’t likely fill these jobs anytime soon. In fact, according to research by Oxford University, nurses face only a 0.9% chance of being replaced by automation.

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Because of this, it’s a job seeker’s market for hospital jobs in many places, with qualified professionals often having a wealth of options of places to work. With this in mind, our data analytics team looked beyond the news headlines, analyzing data from over 72 million ratings and reviews listed on Indeed Company Pages to find out who’s leading the pack for employee experience in the US in 2018.

Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital places first for the second year running

This year’s Top-Rated Workplaces: Best Hospitals list is half made up of repeats from 2017’s list and half made up of newcomers. But one thing hasn’t changed: Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital continues to occupy the number-one spot.

Table featuring Indeed’s 10 top-rated hospitals in 2018.
This table features Indeed’s 10 top-rated hospitals in 2018, based on employer ratings and reviews on Indeed: 1) Massachusetts General Hospital, 2) Texas Children’s Hospital, 3) Houston Methodist, 4) New York-Presbyterian Hospital, 5) Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, 6) Cedars - Sinai, 7) Memorial Sloan Kettering, 8) UCLA Health, 9) Montefiore Medical Center, 10) Brigham and Women’s Hospital

The other hospitals that made the top ten two years in a row are Texas Children’s Hospital (Houston), which appears on our list for the second consecutive year, jumping from number five in 2017 to number two in 2018. Next comes another hospital in the same city, Houston Methodist, which reclaims its number three spot from last year. Meanwhile, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta climbed three places to land in the number five spot, and Montefiore Medical Center (New York) moved into ninth position.

Breaking into the top ten for the first time are New York-Presbyterian Hospital (#4), Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles (#6), New York’s Memorial Sloan Kettering (#7), UCLA Health (#8) and Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital (#10).

Looking at the larger top 25 list (scroll to the bottom to see the complete rankings), there is some geographic concentration of top hospitals in the US — Boston and New York City are each home to four of the top 25 hospitals for work, and Los Angeles and Houston each boast two of our top 25 hospitals.

Common themes that emerged among reviews of the hospitals listed here include room for professional growth, supportive management and positive attitudes among coworkers.

Additionally, all of the hospitals on our top-rated list have affiliations with universities and colleges to support and train future health care professionals.

Health care professionals—why the shortage?

Currently, the country is facing an epidemic of serious health issues. Obesity is at a record high as of 2017, with almost 40% of the U.S. adult population obese. And almost half of Americans have diabetes or are prediabetic.

But with a high demand for health care, why is there a shortage of workers in this field? Aside from high levels of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, America’s aging population presents a challenge. Health care needs tend to increase as people age, and the large baby boomer generation is straining the health care system. Many nurses are aging as well — about a third are expected to retire in the next 10 to 15 years.

The hospitals featured here are on the front line of facing these serious health challenges — and receiving top ratings while doing it. Keep reading for more detail on what the top five hospitals are getting right.

1. Massachusetts General Hospital

Boston, Massachusetts

Founded: 1811

For the second year in a row, Massachusetts General Hospital has topped our workplaces ranking for hospitals. Massachusetts General Hospital is the third-oldest general hospital in the U.S. and consistently ranks as one of the top in the nation.

A testament to the broad expertise at the hospital, Mass General is the only hospital to be ranked by the U.S. News & World Report in all 16 specialities considered. The Boston hospital is a biomedical research facility as well as the teaching hospital for Harvard University, which is located in nearby Cambridge just across the Charles River.

One employee states, “I have worked for MGH for over 10 years. I fell in love with the institution the moment I walked through the main lobby. They ensure each employee gets properly oriented, they encourage a positive work environment and there are many avenues for professional advancement.”

2. Texas Children’s Hospital

Houston, Texas

Founded: 1951

This hospital is consistently ranked among the top children’s hospitals in the nation and has been named an outstanding place to work as well as a leader in LGBT health care equality. It is also the primary pediatric training site for Baylor College of Medicine.

Says one reviewer, “I would have to say this is one of the best jobs I ever had. I love the teamwork, the positive environment, and what they offer for families and employees. Management is fabulous. The benefits are amazing. I would not trade my coworkers in for anyone else anywhere else.”

Meanwhile, another highlights the level of skills and technology at this elite pediatric institution: “The nursing here is great and the doctors are smart and cutting edge.”

3. Houston Methodist

Houston, Texas

Founded: 1919

Houston Methodist prides itself on its work to train the next generation of health care professionals. The hospital is affiliated with Weill Cornell Medical College, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Texas A&M University and the University of Houston.

“This was by far one of the greatest places to work for,” says one employee. “The administration and upper management really showed appreciation for the employees, whether it be random bonuses, discounts in the cafeteria or just letters of acknowledgement.”

4. New York-Presbyterian Hospital

New York, New York

Founded: 1998

Number four, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, is based in the New York City metro area, including locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. The hospital leaped to number 4 this year from number 16 on last year’s list.

New York-Presbyterian was formed in 1998 through the merger of two historic hospitals—the New York Hospital founded in 1771 and the Presbyterian Hospital founded in 1868. New York-Presbyterian is associated with the medical schools of Columbia University and Weill Cornell Medical College.

One employee called it a “dependable, caring place to work.” They also mentioned “great pay” and “room to move up,” as well as a “fun atmosphere.”

5. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 1998

Rounding out the top five this year is Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. The hospital started from tiny beginnings as a "convalescent home" for  children in 1915 — two rented cottages with 20 patient beds — to become one of the largest pediatric care centers in the US.

The current Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is the result of multiple mergers—the 1998 joining of Egleston Children's Health Care System and Scottish Rite Medical Center, as well as the incorporation of Hughes Spalding Children's Hospital in 2006.

The hospital has a partnership with Georgia Tech and is a site of pediatric medical training for the Emory University School of Medicine and the Morehouse School of Medicine.

“Children's Healthcare of Atlanta is an excellent place to work,” said one reviewer. “The best thing about working for Children's is seeing the kids’ faces on their way home from the hospital. The staff is so warm and friendly. We truly live up to our motto Smile, Greet, Own and Thank.”

Table of Indeed’s 25 top-rated hospitals in the US for 2018.
This table features Indeed’s 25 top-rated hospitals in the US for 2018, based on employer ratings and reviews on Indeed: 1) Massachusetts General Hospital, 2) Texas Children’s Hospital, 3) Houston Methodist, 4) New York-Presbyterian Hospital, 5) Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, 6) Cedars-Sinai, 7) Memorial Sloan Kettering, 8) UCLA Health, 9) Montefiore Medical Center, 10) Brigham and Women’s Hospital, 11) Ochsner Health System, 12) Florida Hospital, 13) Boston Children’s Hospital, 14) Baptist Health South Florida, 15) UF Health, 16) Northwell Health, 17) Mayo Clinic, 18) Texas Health Resources, 19) Gwinnett Medical Center, 20) UMass Memorial Medical Center, 21) Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, 22) Yale New Haven Health, 23) OSU Wexner Medical Center, 24) Tampa General Hospital, 25) Michigan Medicine