We recently heard from Indeed’s Matt Burney about the importance of sequencing your recruiting tactics to attract more active, inbound candidates and maximize your recruitment budget.

The next step in attracting talent in the modern market is building a strong candidate pipeline to ensure a consistent flow of great applicants to your jobs. Here are four tips for bolstering your candidate pipeline.

1. Optimize your job titles and descriptions for search

When you write job content, include the keywords your ideal candidates search for. By making your language as targeted and relevant as possible, you ensure your jobs will be returned in search results and boost your chances that the best candidates will click on them and apply.

2. Educate candidates about your jobs and company

Candidates who find and click on your jobs are interested in learning more about what it’s like to work for you. Arm them with the information they need by providing details about your positions and showcasing your company culture on your career site or Indeed Company Page. Include clear instructions for how to apply, and explain the next steps candidates should expect.

3. Streamline your application process

Remove roadblocks for interested candidates by providing a simple and seamless application experience. A surplus of pre-screening questions can discourage great candidates from completing your process, so use these questions sparingly. With 60% of job searches on Indeed coming from a mobile device, it’s more important than ever to make your job postings and applications mobile-friendly.

4. Strengthen your employer brand

Company reviews are a powerful influence on job seekers, with 83% of people saying reviews affect where they choose to apply. Take an active role in managing your employer brand by encouraging employees to review your company and joining conversations on your Company Page. Your involvement will send the right signal to job seekers at a critical time in their search.

These levers give you the power to build and nurture your candidate pipeline, ultimately helping steer the best talent to your jobs.