In a recent Indeed poll of employers, the majority predicted that an increase in virtual interviewing would be the most common workplace change as a result of the pandemic. What’s more, companies that may have been reluctant to rely on remote solutions before the pandemic now see that they can work and, in some cases, increase operational efficiency.

So we shouldn’t expect a full return to the old “normal” anytime soon, if at all — especially in regard to hiring. It’s become clear that online hiring tools aren’t just a short-term solution we’ll abandon after social distancing requirements have loosened. Indeed Hiring Events’ virtual hiring event offering was designed with that in mind, so that you can continue your hiring operations safely and uninterrupted, no matter the circumstances. 

A virtual hiring event can be a sustainable and cost-effective tool for businesses — especially those with high-volume, ongoing, immediate or complex hiring needs. Put simply: With Indeed Hiring Events, all you have to do is click, interview and hire. 

How does a virtual Indeed Hiring Event work?

Indeed Hiring Events makes it easy for you to hire at scale, quickly and efficiently: We promote your event, use relevant screener questions to refine your candidate list, and manage candidate scheduling and communications, end-to-end. 

The virtual version of this solution builds in an extra layer of safety and flexibility for employers and job seekers alike. Where you’d normally show up at a given location to meet and interview candidates in-person, you can now set up and host a virtual hiring event from the comfort and safety of anywhere you choose. From there, you can begin your virtual interviewing by conducting interviews over video conference to find the best candidates for your open roles. 

A pyramid graphic showing the benefits of Indeed’s Virtual Hiring Events.
This graphic demonstrates that Indeed Hiring Events handles three tasks for you: “Advertise,” “Screen” and “Schedule” so you can focus on the “Interview” and “Offer” stages.

Meanwhile, Indeed Hiring Events’ virtual interviewing technology combines video conferencing capabilities with a virtual “lobby” or “waiting room” for candidates that mimics the experience of an actual event for job seekers. And without the requirement to show up at a physical space, top talent who might not otherwise want or be able to attend an in-person interview is given the opportunity to gain a direct connection to potential employers. 

Once you’ve provided some basic information about your company and its hiring needs to create your event page, you can rely on Indeed Hiring Events’ technology to automate and manage the rest of the event logistics at every step of the way. We will:

  • Advertise your event to targeted audiences among more than 250 million visitors on
  • Refine your candidate pool based on your screening criteria
  • Schedule candidate interviews in your available time slots
  • Track and confirm candidate RSVPs
  • Send automated text and email reminders to candidates ahead of the event
  • Provide guidance for hiring managers to optimize their event
  • Furnish the video interview technology needed to manage a high volume of candidates and conduct interviews (or use your own supported video conferencing technology, if you’d prefer)
  • Supply both you and candidates with a single, secure link for your event 
  • Send follow-up communications to no-shows after the event
  • Summarize key data in a post-event recap

Interested in hosting a virtual hiring event? Contact us to schedule a full walkthrough of Indeed Hiring Events.  

The key benefits of hosting a virtual hiring event

  1. Simplicity and efficiency. There’s a reason that event planners do what they do. The amount of time required to manage the complex logistics of an event — from promotion to scheduling, collection and organization of high volumes of data, management of candidate communications and beyond — is more than enough to warrant a full-time job. We’ll deliver a straightforward online event experience so you can save time and focus on making the right hires.
  2. Cost-effective to fit your unique hiring needs. Whether you need to hire a large number of employees, fill a wide variety of roles, address an immediate need for workers or meet some combination of all of the above — hosting a virtual hiring event is an efficient solution to maximize your ROI. You can reach a wide but targeted audience for your hiring needs, cut down on lengthy application processes and get to the hire, quicker. 
  3. Technology is provided, with no licensing requirements. There’s no need for downloads or licensing software in order to use Indeed Hiring Events’ virtual interviewing technology. And if you already have your own video conferencing tools with “waiting room” capabilities, you’re welcome to use that instead — the option is yours. Either way, Indeed Hiring Events eliminates the need for you to juggle individual meeting links and invites per candidate to ensure a seamless experience for both you and the job seeker.
  4. A sustainable solution for ongoing, long-term hiring strategies. In the interim, as COVID-19 cases continue to rise across the country, many may not feel safe attending in-person interviews. With online interviews, you can alleviate any of their (and your) concerns about public health and safety. But even once the major threat has passed, the low-cost, high-impact benefits of a virtual Indeed Hiring Event remains: Agile businesses will translate today's safety measures into tomorrow's sustainable flexibility for ever-evolving hiring needs.

Virtual interviewing and hiring are here to stay

As we look toward post-pandemic economic recovery and rebuilding the world of work, a surge in virtual interviewing will mark an indelible change to the way we hire. Explore the flexibility of Indeed Hiring Events and get closer to the hire — fast.