Work matters. What we do puts food on the table and a roof over our heads, but it also contributes to our sense of self, purpose and well-being. However unprecedented the current moment may be, none of that has changed: In fact, as 2020 unemployment rates hit record highs, work — and the ability to find it — may be more important than ever.

And if work matters, then so do the people who help us find it: the talent leaders and professionals who connect job seekers with new opportunities, or even lifelong careers. For many, this is not an easy time. Yet, set the right hands to the right job, and you can save a life, create a new product or simply provide a moment in someone’s day that brings delight. Work as important as that deserves recognition and support, especially now.

So we built this site, Lead with Indeed, for you — the people who hire. Launching today, Lead with Indeed aims to be a partner in the business of finding people jobs.

As we navigate this uncertain environment and take our first steps toward rebuilding the world of work, we will need new insights, tools and resources. No one person has all the answers, and in the weeks and months ahead, the importance of working together will become clearer than ever.

What’s coming on Lead with Indeed

On Lead with Indeed you will find a wealth of articles, videos and other resources covering everything that matters to recruiters and talent attraction professionals. We’ll be looking at the big picture and asking the big questions to help you hire today and prepare for tomorrow: 

We’ll be putting these conversations and others into context and featuring commentary, ideas and inspiration from best-selling authors, well-known thinkers, influencers and leaders. Meanwhile, we’ll be sharing Indeed economists’ insights into the labor market and Indeed’s wealth of data

But we’ll also be getting tactical, sharing tips and advice on how to get the job done, and done well. Want to know how to craft a job description that Gen Z will actually read? We can help you with that. Need advice on how to deliver a difficult message? We can help you with that, too. Interested in the science of building a great company culture? We’ve got you covered.

We’ll also be looking at how you can get the most out of Indeed's products and services so you can maximize your efforts and hire more effectively — whether you’re posting a job, sourcing resumes or using our assessments. And we’ll be there for you afterward, providing talent management strategies to empower yourself, your people and your workplace.

Compelling stories in compelling formats 

Meanwhile, even as we explore the themes and issues that matter in the world of talent attraction and talent management, we’re going to dive even deeper — telling stories that celebrate the impact that recruiters have on the world of work.

We’re starting with two video documentary series. “The Unconventional Hire” tells the stories of three unique individuals who used their transferable skills and experiences to land new careers in unexpected places. At a time like this, when recruiters may be receiving resumes from candidates looking for a new career, the opportunity that “unconventional” candidates represent has never been more relevant.

Our other series, “Hard Shoes to Fill,” shines a spotlight on recruiters who are faced with the task of finding talent for especially challenging roles. How do you find people who can wield a blowtorch underwater while staying calm under pressure?  What if you were tasked with finding an expert on how humans experience taste whose job it is to remove taste? We’ll bring you recruiting stories that are not only inspiring, but provide real takeaways and learnings.

And that’s just for starters; there’s a lot more to come, including more videos and our first podcast series.

Rebuilding work

However tough the road ahead may get, Lead with Indeed is meant to encourage employers to rethink talent, how we hire and the full potential of what work could be. We want to encourage new ways of thinking by including everyone’s perspectives, creativity and skills. 

Whatever comes next, we will be ready to respond — and evolve — to a world of fast-paced change. So welcome! Sign up now to get updates and an all-access pass to Lead with Indeed.