When Lead with Indeed launched in June last year, millions of people were collectively caught in the middle of an unexpected workplace revolution.

Navigating the new realities, from shifting to remote work to coping with furloughs and layoffs, was undoubtedly a challenge. But together, hiring professionals pivoted, driven by a clear understanding that helping people find work truly matters.

We also saw other changes. Many employers have started to place more focus than ever on diversity, inclusion and belonging in the workplace to build more equitable environments for all. The importance of considering workplace happiness and well-being as a driver of business value also came sharply into focus. Meanwhile, lots of firms turned not just to remote work but remote interviewing — and we here at Indeed were ready to help with a flexible virtual interviewing solution to help employers hire safely today and more efficiently at scale tomorrow. 

In short: Hiring professionals have had to transform old practices with new ways of thinking. But today’s efforts to rebuild work must continue — and we’re here to help. As the new year gets underway, let’s examine some of the issues we expect to carry through from 2020 and explore resources that can help you continue to succeed in 2021.

Questions for the year ahead

To simply say “we learned a lot last year” would be a massive understatement. There are still significant challenges with hiring and employee experience that will take proactive effort to address. With that in mind, here are a few of the key questions we expect to define the year ahead, and which we’ll be tackling here at Indeed:

Here’s what to expect in 2021 

Whether you’re a recruiter, hiring manager, HR leader, business owner or CEO, you play a critical role in shaping tomorrow’s workplace. And here at Lead with Indeed, we plan to continue delivering the most current hiring data, ideas and inspiration to help you build stronger human connections and hire better. 

If you’re interested in the bigger picture: Stay apprised of the latest economic news, forecasts and labor market insights with detailed reports based on Indeed’s wealth of data, along with research and expert analysis from our team of global economists. We’ll continue to feature insights and strategies from well-known thinkers, speakers, authors and influencers — including Indeed’s own leadership — to keep your finger on the pulse of what other employers are seeing and doing.  

If you’re interested in actionable tips and advice: Improve your skills with guidance on how to personalize your candidate messaging, diversify your talent pools or reinvent your hiring process with virtual technologies. Whatever your hiring needs, we’ve got tactical recruiting strategies to help you better attract, manage and retain top talent.

If you’re interested in compelling, original stories: Tune in for more original video content. Last year we launched our series Hard Shoes to Fill, which explores the challenges of recruiting for niche jobs, or Unconventional Hires, where workers use transferable skills to make a career change. Our video series, Field Studies, launching later this month, covers the skills needed to be a world-class recruiter, including topics such as productivity, relationship-building, identifying talent and looking to the future. 

If podcasts are more your speed, we’ve got you covered there, too. We’ll be introducing season two of the Lead with Indeed podcast, where authors, researchers and industry leaders share their expertise on the science of talent acquisition, management and much, much more. And if you haven’t already, give our podcast Behind the Talent a listen, where you’ll learn from the recruiters behind pro athletes, entertainers (including Billy Beane and Shep Gordon) and more of the world's top talent.

If you’re interested in Indeed’s products and solutions: Get the most out of key services such as Indeed Resume and Indeed Hiring Events. Plus, you’ll never miss an update on the latest innovative product launches or features that can help you stay ahead of the curve and maximize your hiring efforts. We’ll have some exciting announcements for you very soon. 

Even if you just want to learn more about what a strategic partnership with Indeed can do for you through personalized support or robust analytics tools, we’ve got the guidance to empower you to make better business decisions.

No one knows what the future holds, especially in the midst of a pandemic. But what we do know is that the workplace will never quite look the same, and we must continue to evolve the way we hire — together.