Indeed is proud to sponsor and share this special report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, “Cultivating Worker Wellbeing to Drive Business Value.” This report makes one thing crystal clear: Companies who prioritize workplace wellbeing and happiness see better business results.

This report reflects the views of 1,073 business leaders and shows there is universal agreement that prioritizing worker happiness gives companies a competitive advantage (87%), makes it easier to retain talent (96%), and has a positive impact on society as a whole.

Three-quarters of executives surveyed report employee expectations around happiness in the workplace have risen in the last five years, yet 19% of companies have actually made it a strategic priority. These “happiness leaders” are a forward thinking group of employers who report that prioritizing employee happiness can have a meaningful impact on your business. The report outlines the immediate steps companies can take to bring more wellbeing and happiness into every organization.

In a snapshot: 

  • Happiness delivers a competitive edge, with 87% of survey respondents reporting a happier workplace brings a competitive advantage
  • Unhappiness takes a toll, with 79% reporting unhappy employees hurts productivity and 75% report it leads to unwanted turnover
  • Despite the clear benefits, only 19% of organizations have made workforce wellbeing a strategic priority, yet  95% believe they can influence worker happiness.
  • Happiness expectations continue to rise, with 76% of respondents reporting expectations are higher now than they were five years ago

We’re thrilled to share this groundbreaking research that shows how work can help us all thrive as individuals, businesses, and ultimately as a society.

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Download the report below from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services for actionable insights on work wellbeing.