These Trademark Use Guidelines (“Guidelines”) govern the use and/or display of the INDEED name, trademark, and logo (collectively, the “Indeed Marks”). These Guidelines do not supersede the provisions of any Agreement or applicable law, rule or regulation. All capitalized terms not defined herein have the meanings set forth in the Agreement. In the event of a conflict between the Agreement and these Guidelines, the terms of the Agreement shall control.

A. General

For avoidance of doubt, and notwithstanding any Agreement provisions to the contrary, your right to use the Indeed Marks includes the right to do so through Digital Platforms. For purposes of these Guidelines, “Digital Platforms” should be interpreted to include websites, mobile apps, and any related sites, applications, or programs wholly owned and controlled by you.

Notwithstanding anything contained herein, any and all content featuring, containing, or referencing the Indeed Marks is subject to Indeed’s prior written approval, which may be granted or withheld in Indeed’s sole and absolute discretion, and which may be withdrawn at any time and for any reason. Unless otherwise provided in writing, Indeed’s approval (if granted) extends only to use of the Indeed Marks for the purpose specifically set forth under the applicable Agreement.

You must fully comply with all obligations and limitations in the relevant Agreement, as well as all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Neither these Guidelines nor any approvals given by Indeed for use of the Indeed Marks shall in any way (1) supersede or otherwise limit your obligations under their Agreement with Indeed; (2) constitute an opinion on the lawfulness of such use; or (3) be construed as an acceptance by Indeed of any responsibility or liability whatsoever.

B. Restrictions on Use of Indeed Marks

You shall not:

  • use the Indeed Marks in any way that contradicts or conflicts with the Agreement;
  • commingle or combine Indeed Marks with non-Indeed trademarks, brands, characters, products, or properties (for the sake of clarity, you shall be allowed to use your own trademark (if any) as a source identifier on the same page or Digital Platform as the Indeed Marks);
  • modify or change any element of the Indeed Marks (including but not limited to altering the color, presentation or style of the INDEED logo, and/or misspelling or truncating the INDEED word mark);
  • use the Indeed Marks in a context which suggests a descriptive, generic, or common meaning;
  • use the Indeed Marks as a sole means to drive traffic to a Digital Platform;
  • purport to communicate on behalf of or impersonate Indeed or any Indeed agent, employee, officer, director, or affiliate;
  • use Indeed Marks in paid search advertising terms that mislead or deceive consumers with respect to the products/services being advertised or sold;
  • use the Indeed Marks in, or as part of any domain names, or URLs (e.g., without prior written approval from Indeed’s legal department, provided however that any current ATS Partner shall be permitted to create webpages or sites separately promoting its partnership with Indeed within or as part of existing Digital Platforms (e.g.,, provided that: (1) it is clear to consumers from the contents of such page or site that it is not owned or operated by Indeed, and (2) such content otherwise complies with these Guidelines and the Agreement;
  • use the Indeed Marks in, or as part of, any profile pictures, cover photos, usernames, screen names, handles, email addresses or other Digital Platform account identifiers; or
  • use the Indeed Marks in connection with material or third parties that contradict, tarnish, detract from or diminish the goodwill of Indeed (including but not limited to online platforms that encourage or commit infringement of intellectual property rights) or which degrade, tarnish or damage the goodwill or reputation of Indeed.

C. Permissible Use of Indeed Marks

Subject to the terms of any applicable Agreement, each approved use of the Indeed Marks shall conform to the following requirements:

  1. INDEED Word Mark
    Textual references to Indeed as a corporate entity shall use the full name “Indeed, Inc.” Textual references to Indeed’s products and services must use the INDEED trademark followed by the applicable goods and services, which must be presented in a way that clearly separates “INDEED” from the surrounding text – including (without limitation) by using bold, capital letters, and/or accompanying this word with the “TM” designator (e.g., “Indeed TM job search platform”).

  2. INDEED Logo
    For all uses, the logo must be presented in color and visually separated from any other textual or graphic elements. Please note that from time to time, Indeed may update its logo or these assets. You shall be responsible for checking periodically and ensuring that they are using the most current version of this logo, and Indeed reserves the right to withdraw approval of your use of the Indeed Marks for failure to update its use to the most current version of Indeed’s logo.

  3. ® and TM Designators
    Any and all use of the Indeed Marks in any form must be accompanied by the appropriate ® or TM designator. For all uses within the United States, you shall use the ® designator; for all uses outside the United States, you shall use the TM designator.

D. Modification

These Trademark Use Guidelines are subject to change and may be modified by Indeed at any time to include additional obligations, guidelines, and/or restrictions, or otherwise as Indeed deems appropriate/fit.