New Indeed Profile experience empowers job seekers to share their skills, experiences and preferences to discover better work

Austin, TX (April 2, 2024)Indeed, the world’s #1 job siteComscore, Total Visits, June 2023 and a global job matching and hiring platform, today introduces Smart Sourcing, a new AI-powered suite of products to make the hiring process faster, simpler and more efficient for both employers and job seekers. 

Smart Sourcing enables employers to source candidates from a large, active talent pool, with access to nearly 300 million workersIndeed data (worldwide), 2024 using profiles and resumes on the platform. The recently updated Indeed Profile helps job seekers better showcase their unique work experiences, skills and preferences, going above and beyond what is included in a traditional resume. As part of Indeed’s commitment to put job seekers first, Profile enables more personalized job recommendations and improved connections to employers for relevant jobs. 

In parallel, thanks to the power of Indeed’s AI matching engine and the richness of Indeed Profile, employers can now get instant recommendations for ideal candidates for their open jobs. Smart Sourcing also helps employers quickly review matched candidates, directly connect with them, and ultimately hire faster. 

“Hiring remains challenging and inefficient. This is especially true when it comes to sourcing the right people for the right jobs,” said Chris Hyams, Indeed CEO. “More people are hired on Indeed than any other site. With new AI-powered technology, we continue to transform job matching and hiring. We’re excited to share our latest innovations that leverage our active talent pool, and our deep understanding of what drives successful hiring to help the world work better.”

Making Sourcing and Hiring Talent More Efficient for Employers 

For years, employers have lost valuable time by searching for and contacting potential candidates who do not have the right skills or experiences, or are not open to a new job. In fact, new Indeed Harris Poll survey dataSurvey conducted online within the United States by The Harris Poll on behalf of Indeed from February 15-20, 2024 among US Hiring Managers (those with sole or primary decision making in the recruiting and hiring process) with 2,000+ number of employees; 300 respondents reveals that the majority (63%) of hiring managers have reached out to candidates who are not the right fit for reasons that could be avoided, such as location, salary, or experience level. Hiring managers also report spending an average of 13 hours per role to source enough quality candidates that lead to a hire. 

To help make hiring more efficient, Smart Sourcing uses AI to match the right people with relevant opportunities, making talent sourcing faster and simpler. There are three key advantages to Smart Sourcing that make it a uniquely powerful tool:

  • Access to a large, active talent pool: Smart Sourcing recommends and prioritizes qualified candidates based on an employer’s distinct job requirements, focusing on people who are actively looking for a new job, especially those active on Indeed over the past 30 days. In a survey of employers already using Smart Sourcing, 92%Indeed Survey, US (n=300), Jan-Feb 2024 say it is their preferred product for finding active candidates, and 75%Indeed Survey, US (n=299), Jan-Feb 2024 report that Indeed has a larger pool of active candidates than other job sites.
  • Ability to easily discover and review relevant, quality candidates: Indeed provides candidate recommendations matched to employers’ needs. This includes AI-powered candidate summaries with context on why someone is a good fit for a role, speeding up the evaluation process. Candidate summaries also explain why some candidates should not be overlooked. For example, having four years of experience when the job asks for five could be a negligible difference. Then, employers can easily invite qualified candidates to apply for their roles directly from the tool. When invited, matched candidates are 17 timesIndeed data, August 2023 more likely to apply than if they found the job on their own. 
  • Faster connections and seamless interview scheduling: Employers can quickly connect with qualified candidates by generating custom AI-powered messages based on their job criteria. This tool is already saving employers time—most (83%) agree that Smart Sourcing provides the most effective way to communicate with candidates, while 78% of employers report it is the fastest way to make a quality hire. Once connected, interested job seekers can easily schedule interviews and even interview directly through the Indeed platform.

“Indeed has been a leader in talent acquisition solutions for years, and they have made significant investments in AI for both job seekers and talent acquisition teams alike,” said Kyle Lagunas, Principal Analyst at Aptitude Research, a human capital management research firm. “With Smart Sourcing, Indeed continues its focus on reducing friction across both sides of the market by leveraging AI to create better connections and faster results.”

“Smart Sourcing serves up appropriate candidates that tend to be more eager to respond and are active on Indeed. We get both quality candidates that are a fit and a higher response rate than with another similar tool,” said Scott Errickson, Divisional Director of Clinical Recruitment at Universal Health Services, a network of 400 healthcare facilities that has seen a 30% improvement in candidate response rate while using Smart Sourcing.

Job Seekers Can Discover Opportunities that Better Fit Their Skills and Experience

Millions of people need a better way to represent their skills, qualifications and preferences to allow employers to contact them about relevant opportunities. Indeed’s surveySurvey was conducted online within the United States by The Harris Poll on behalf of Indeed from February 15-20, 2024, among 1,107 employed adults ages 18 and older. reveals recruiting is still a challenge, as 40% of job seekers say ​​they have been contacted by a company for a job that was not right for them. Most job seekers (70%) also believe that companies that contacted them in the past could have done a better job reviewing their skills and experience before reaching out.  

Now, the redesigned Indeed Profile helps people find the best way to showcase their experience and capabilities to employers. People can share more than 40,000 different types of skillsIndeed data, 2024 on their Profile, and an average of 3.2 million new skillsIndeed data, 2024 are added by job seekers to Indeed Profiles each day. With the help of AI, Indeed also offers suggestions to help people build out their Profile to best meet the types of jobs they are looking for. The more information people share, the more personalized their Profile experience on Indeed becomes. This includes tailored job recommendations that help people find the right job for them, faster. New or updated features of Indeed Profile include:

  • Connect with Employers: Through an updated toggle within Indeed Profile, job seekers can choose to make themselves visible to employers and available for outreach. This allows them to be considered and contacted for relevant jobs, bringing more opportunities directly to them. 
  • Work Experience Writer: How people share their work experiences can help them stand out from the competition. This tool, coming soon, leverages AI to create and update their work experience descriptions on Indeed Profile. 
  • Multi-Resume: Job seekers improve their chances of getting hired when they customize their resume for the job they are applying for. In fact, over half (55%) of job seekersIndeed multiple resume analysis, 2023 either change their resume or create a new version to apply for jobs. Soon, people will be able to save and access up to five versions of their resume within their Indeed Profile.

Together, the launch of Smart Sourcing and the new Indeed Profile experience help people get matched to more relevant job opportunities, and help employers quickly and easily source talent that have the skills and qualifications they need.

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