Indeed sent the following email to its employees on 3/22/21

Content Warning: The following contains comments about murder, racism, xenophobia, and sexism, and may be triggering.


Over the past year, there have been more than 3,800 reported incidents of hate in the US targeting people of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) descent linked to COVID-19. Last week, eight people were murdered in Atlanta in the latest horrifying escalation of violence against the AAPI community. Adding to the already great suffering in the wake of these events, much of the media coverage devolved into racist, xenophobic, and sexist tropes around the victims, appearing alongside empathetic portrayals of the “struggles” of the murderer. 

From media coverage, we all knew the killer’s name and his story long before anyone ever acknowledged the humanity of the victims by naming them, or offering any of the details of their own personal lives. In recognition of this, I’d like to share the names of the lives cut short last week as a result of this incomprehensible act of hate: Delaina Ashley Yaun Gonzalez, 33; Paul Andre Michels, 54; Xiaojie Tan, 49; Daoyou Feng, 44; Hyun Jung Grant, 51; Suncha Kim, 69; Soon Chung Park, 74; Yong Ae Yue, 63. One man, Elcias Hernandez-Ortiz, 30, was critically wounded, but survived.

On Friday, Indeed’s Asian Network Inclusion Resource Group hosted a “Brave Spaces” conversation for employees in the AAPI community.

I was able to join as an active listener along with allies from throughout the company. Attendees shared their profound grief, pain, and anger over the grotesque violence, as well as their disappointment and hurt from the media response. They recounted personal stories of encountering hate over the past year, as well as seeing it in their communities and on the news. It was an honor to bear witness to the raw honesty of the group.

One particularly moving aspect of this forum was the support the community offered each other, alongside the support from allies. This discussion offered a brief ray of hope in the midst of deep sadness and confusion.

I am heartbroken by this tragedy, and overwhelmed by the long history of violence and hate it represents. I know I can never truly understand how members of the AAPI community must feel, but I thank  all of the employees who shared their experiences on Friday. 

I stand with you all, and with the entire AAPI community against xenophobia, racism, sexism, and all other forms of hate and violence. Indeed is here to acknowledge your grief, hold you in our hearts, and support you however we can. Please take advantage of the resources we have to offer like open PTO and SupportLinc.

To allies and partners throughout Indeed, please hold space for those who are grieving. I would especially like to ask managers to leverage resources so you can best support your team members during this time. If you are not sure how to help, please reach out to your HRBP or DI&B partners.


Chris Hyams

CEO, Indeed