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Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Ben Lomond, CA


I am a dedicated and passionate individual. I love to work and learn, especially in all aspects of computers, programming, mathematics, and algorithms, and it is a special treat when I’m presented with new challenges to solve that combine them. 
I mainly work as a Senior Software Engineer; however, I have also worked as a Platform Engineer, Senior UI/UX Engineer, and as a Systems and Network Administration, and I have an educational background in Computer Engineering and in Systems and Controls, a math heavy analytics branch of Electrical Engineering. 
I have a special fondness for working close to hardware, such as embedded systems and handheld systems, and writing interfaces, such as UI and API. 
I have worked in the following industries: Games Industry, Cellular and WiFi/BT Testing, Web Site Development, Disaster Simulation, Management Information Systems, and Information Technology. 
I have U.S. Secret level security clearance that was issued December, 2009. 
I prefer work that offers the chance to learn and interesting problems to solve. Beyond their intrinsic personal benefits, learning broadens my scope and interesting problems keep my productivity high by fueling my passion and focus. 
Specialties: Mathematics, Assembly, User Interface Design, API Design, Algorithm Design, Tool Design, System Analysis and Controller Design, Embedded and Handheld Systems, Driver Design

Work Experience

Software Engineer

Palo Alto, CA

September 2017 to Present

Platform Engineer

Trion Worlds
Redwood City, CA

June 2014 to February 2017

Glyph: Platform Launcher for Login/Authorization and Downloading, Decompression, and Patching of Multiple Games 
*) Updated/improved Glyph on Windows, MacOS X in C/C++, Qt, QML, JavaScript, CURL, LZMA, Zip, company STL and common libraries. 
*) Updated company STL and common libs on Windows, MacOS X in C/C++ including STL, text manipulation, memory & process management. 
*) Set up process to rebuild Qt and OpenSSL from source to target Windows XP on Windows using VS 2013 in Windows Batch, Makefile. 
*) Reworked project files and install builder for more efficient build on Windows, MacOS X in MSBuild, Windows batch, AppleScript, bash. 
*) Updated company build server client for Windows and created build of and automating of MacOS X builds in Python. 
*) Updated and built existing mobile authorization apps on iPhone and Android in Objective C and Java.

Senior Software/UI/UX Engineer

LitePoint (a division of Teradyne)
Sunnyvale, CA

May 2012 to May 2014

Test Plan Editor: Cellular and WiFi/BT Test Plan Creation and Editing Software Tool 
*) Wrote from scratch based on UI layout request and existing file format in JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, HTML, CSS, QtWebKit, C/C++, Qt. 
*) Created API to access company SDK (in C/C++) through JavaScript/jQuery using QtWebKit with a HTTP request fallback. 
*) Developed future file format and created module to convert file formats in Python. 
*) Contributed to improvement of company SDK and plug-in modules in C/C++, Qt, JSON, and Python. 
*) Learned about RF testing of cellular and WiFi/Bluetooth devices.

Senior Software Engineer; Lead Software Engineer

Contracting / Self-Employment
Pottstown, PA

March 2010 to December 2012

Bloomberg LP: Senior Software Engineer; August, 2011 ~ October, 2011 
*) Worked in Trade Order Management Systems fixing back-end bugs in C/C++, JavaScript, and ksh. 
*) Wrote Bloomberg terminal command to schedule and delete trade book tickets in C/C++, JavaScript, ksh, and SQL. 
Swann Costume Shop: Lead Software Engineer; June, 2011 ~ July, 2011 
*) Wrote customer and inventory database to track rentals and charge late fees in TCL/Tk and SQLite. 
FlipSwitch Solutions: Lead Software Engineer; February, 2011 ~ April, 2011 
*) Wrote custom course management and scheduling with user registration in PHP, HTML, and CSS. 
LaFrance Corporation: Senior Software Engineer; July, 2010 ~ December, 2010 
*) Rewrote product upload tool adding robust error handling in Visual Basic .NET. 
*) Finished osCommerce-based website largely in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript including: 
*) FedEx/UPS shipping API with label printing in object-oriented PHP, VB .NET and XML. 
*) Interactive product view and searching that used JavaScript and JSON AJAX library.

Senior Software Engineer

Test & Evaluation Solutions
Warrenton, VA

July 2009 to December 2009

Integrated Recovery Model: Ship Disaster Recovery Modeling and Simulation for PC, Mac, and Linux 
*) Rewrote and updated ship deck and compartment modeling program in TCL/Tk and SQLite. 
*) Learned and participated in discussions about improving existing SQLite schema for ship data. 
*) Wrote data conversion scripts. 
*) Applied for and received Secret Level U.S. Security Clearance.

Senior Software Engineer

Barking Lizards Technologies
Richardson, TX

January 2008 to August 2008

Wii, Playstation 2, and PC Game: Naked Brothers Band 
*) Wrote Playstation 2 Controller API and missing-controller display in C++. 
*) Wrote Playstation 2 Memory Card API and display in C++. 
*) Wrote Wii Power, Reset, and Exit handlers in C. 
*) Wrote Wii disc error handler and display in C and C++. 
*) Wrote Wii Home Button Menu handler in C++. 
*) Wrote common microphone API interfacing to each platform library in C++. 
Gameboy DS Game: Bratz, Girlz Really Rock 
*) Scripted one of the five chapters for the RPG-like story mode in LUA including API additions in C. 
*) Wrote pause menu, options menu, and initial version of main menu in C++. 
*) Added multiplayer features to one game in C++. 
*) Added touch-slider and radio button classes to the game in C++. 
PC Proof-of-Concept Game: Client-Server Network Test in C++ with a data conversion tool in C

Senior Software Engineer

LaFrance Corporation (MIS Department)
Concordville, PA

August 2006 to January 2008

*) Designed and wrote many auto-generating product reports in Crystal Reports with AS400 SQL interface. 
*) Wrote web interface to graphic department’s Windows file share to aid design search in PHP. 
*) Designed, wrote, and maintained many inventory and billing apps in RPGIII, RPGLE, and CLP on AS400. 
*) Rewrote Benmatt website, cleaned up data, and documented it in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 
*) Wrote Design-Your-Own-Product dynamic web pages in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS, and ImageMagick. 
*) Designed and wrote first version of LaFrance corporate library in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 
*) Setup SSL certificate for one of the websites on a Linux-based host.

Senior Software Engineer; Technical Advisor

Contracting / Self-Employment
Pottstown, PA

March 2006 to January 2007

Atomic Orange Productions: Senior Software Engineer; September, 2006 ~ January, 2007 
*) Worked on SPG288 based PnP game, Bratz at the Mall, in C and SPG2xx ISA Assembly. 
*) Worked remotely with team of 2 engineers, musician, and producer. 
*) Wrote 2 games and pause, help, level complete, and hardware diagnostics screens in C. 
*) Designed and wrote sound driver (4-chan mapped music and 2-chan fx) in SPG2xx ISA Assembly. 
*) Wrote simple fixed-point physics module in C. 
*) Modified text output driver to support 2 sizes and special characters in C. 
*) Optimized and resampled sound effects for ROM space efficiency using Audacity. 
*) Gave advice regarding music/sound on Sunplus/GeneralPlus audio chips under ROM constraints. 
Cold Fusion Entertainment: Technical Advisor; March, 2006 ~ August, 2006 
*) Collected information and wrote documentation and code for SPG290 in C.

Lead Software Engineer; Technical Director; Systems and Network Administration

SDI Technologies/Kiddesigns (Tech2Go Division)
Rahway, NJ

November 2004 to March 2006

Plug-and-Play Game: TMNT Way of the Warrior (on embedded SPG220 system) 
*) Worked with GDD writer and added to game design. 
*) Wrote graphics encoding tool in C and provided supplemental artwork using GIMP. 
*) Wrote 5 games, main menus, pause, intros, and outros in object-oriented C. 
*) Wrote kernel (core) functions and game engine in object-oriented C, C, and SPG2xx ISA Assembly. 
*) Wrote all drivers: sound, music, video, sprites, et cetera in C and SPG2xx ISA Assembly. 
SPG290-based Children’s Game Consoles: Wizdome Edutainment VGC & Handheld 
*) Wrote multiple drivers including: sound, music, video, sprites, etc in C and SPG290 ISA Assembly. 
*) Wrote some kernel (core) functions in C and SPG290 ISA Assembly. 
*) Wrote some hardware documentation to supplement Sunplus docs. 
*) Provided technical direction and provided hardware support to clients. 
*) Trained new software engineer on Sunplus hardware. 
Tech2Go Internal/External Network 
*) Set up and maintained Linux-based server, switch, router, and PCs running Windows XP. 
*) Set up: FTP, Samba, SVN, BBS, and archiving and backup scripts in Bash Script on a Linux host. 
*) Began designing for developer website for use by clients.

Teaching Assistant; Lab Tech Assistant; Engineering Mentor; Administrative Assistant

Drexel University & School District of Philadelphia (Partnership)
Philadelphia, PA

February 2004 to September 2004

Teaching Assistant: Drexel University, University City High School, and Leidy Elementary 
*) Managed a robotics/controls lab. 
*) Proctored tests and graded homework. 
*) Tutored students in various mathematics and engineering concepts. 
*) Prepared 11th grade students for the state-wide PSSA exam. 
*) Tutored summer school students in English and mathematics. 
Lab Tech Assistant: University City High School 
*) Taught students to organize and catalog scientific equipment. 
*) Organized, cleaned, cataloged scientific equipment. 
*) Constructed a database of available scientific equipment. 
*) Identified and cataloged antiquated computer hardware and devices. 
*) Assisted students in performing laboratory experiments. 
Engineering Mentor for Robotic Club: University City High School 
*) Taught students robotics and controls concepts. 
*) Created robots and controller demonstrations. 
*) Aided students with robot building and programming. 
Administrative Assistant: Broad Street Garage 
*) Tracked down, cataloged, duplicated, labeled, and organized 100+ keys. 
*) Made sure each bus had an active, backup, and master key ring.

Software Engineer

Contracting / Self-Employment
Pottstown, PA

April 2003 to January 2004

Fez Works: Software Engineer; April, 2003 ~ January, 2004 
*) Wrote 3D collision detection in C++ and performed data analysis in Excel with VBScript.

Orchard Worker (Family Business)

Ringing Hill Orchards
Pottstown, PA

September 2003 to November 2003


Software Engineer

Majesco Entertainment (Pipedream Interactive Division)
Edison, NJ

September 2000 to March 2002

PS2 Games: Soldier of Fortune & Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force 
*) Wrote PS2 port of OpenGL (graphics library) on PS2 VU1 in C, PS2 VU Assembly, and DMA. 
*) Wrote loading screens keeping load off main processor in C, MIPS Assem., PS2 VU Assembly, and DMA. 
*) Wrote minimal MPEG (movie) player in C and PS2 MPEG Libraries. 
*) Optimized inter-process communications (to lower data contention). 
*) Final code optimizations (mostly involving graphics) in C, MIPS Assembly, and PS2 VU Assembly. 
*) Ported some bone animation math to PS2 Vector Unit 0 in C and PS2 VU Assembly. 
Dreamcast Game: Q*Bert 
*) Wrote part of inter-executable API in C. 
*) Designed high score font and a few minor graphics. 
*) Wrote tool to extract and convert some game data in C. 
*) Designed and wrote menus and menu effects in C. 
X-Box: Began learning DirectX shaders on NVIDIA GeForce 3 in C and Shader Assembly.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Senior Design Coordinator; Teaching Assistant

Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA

January 2000 to June 2001

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Senior Design Coordinator: 
*) Coordinated faculty and undergrad seniors in the ECE department. 
*) Scheduled student presentations, found faculty judges, prepared rooms. 
*) Updated presentation abstracts and times on the university web site in HTML. 
*) Tracked down past years’ presentations, sorted, and stored them. 
Teaching Assistant: 
*) Managed a robotics/controls lab. 
*) Proctored tests and graded homework. 
*) Tutored students in various mathematics and engineering concepts.


Masters of Science in Computer Engineering (Computer Controls)

Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA

1999 to 2001

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Systems & Controls)

Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA

1994 to 1999

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engeering

Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA

1994 to 1999


C, HTML/XHTML, JavaScript/ECMAScript, DHTML/AJAX, PHP, JSON, Sunplus ISA Assembly, C++/OOP, BASIC/QuickBASIC, CSS, XML, SQL/MySQL/SQLite, 6502/6510 Assembly, Qt, ImageMagick, .NET/VB/Visual C++, Python, jQuery/jQuery UI, RPGIII/RPGLE, TCL/Tk, Crystal Reports, MATLAB/SIMULINK, sh/bash/ksh Scripting, CLP (AS400), CGI, LZMA/LZW/Zip, Makefile, MIPS Assembly, OpenGL/OpenGL API, PERL/Tk, ARM/Thumb Assembly, Boost, Lua/Lua API, MSBuild, PS2 VU Assembly, QML, Windows Batch, Xcode, MFC, AppleScript, CMS, CURL, DirectX, Java, Objective C, Mathematics, Software Testing, User Interface Design, Algorithm Design, Application Design, API Design, Linux Administration, Tool Design, Sketch Artist, Graphical Layout, Controller Design, Network Management, Physics Modeling, System Modeling, Network Administration, Game/Gameplay Design, Apache, Firewall Design, DNS Configuration, Windows NT Admin., Auto. Build Systems, Linux/Unix, Commodore 64, Web, Playstation 2, Windows, MacOS X, Sunplus SPG2xx SPG290, Gameboy DS, Wii, i5/AS400/System 38, MacOS Classic, Playstation, Gameboy Advance, osCommerce, Android, Bloomberg Terminal, iPhone, X-Box