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It’s easy to get promoted at XXXLutz
Did you have a budget for learning and development at XXXLutz?
At XXXLutz, my manager cared about my career growth
At XXXLutz, an appropriate level of work is expected from interns.
At XXXLutz, interns do meaningful work.
XXXLutz is a good place to build a professional network.
The internship program at XXXLutz seems well-structured.
At XXXLutz, there is support for people in caregiving roles who are not parents.
At XXXLutz, people can openly identify as a parent or caregiver.
Being a parent or caregiver does not impact your progress at XXXLutz.
Parents and caregivers have the support they need to be effective in their jobs at XXXLutz.
Are adoption benefits available at XXXLutz?
Were you happy with the paternity leave policy at XXXLutz?
Were you happy with the maternity leave policy at XXXLutz?