All questions are optional. Please skip any that don’t apply.
During the Stout Systems Development interview process, I knew how to ask for disability accommodations and support
I know what the policy on disability accommodations and support is at Stout Systems Development
I know what support is available for people with hidden disability at Stout Systems Development
Are people at Stout Systems Development required to be vaccinated against COVID-19?
Only if working onsite
Being a parent or caregiver does not impact your progress at Stout Systems Development.
At Stout Systems Development, can you leave for a planned appointment during the workday?
At Stout Systems Development, can you leave during the day for personal reasons?
Stout Systems Development balances time spent in meetings with focused work. How much do you agree?
How many meetings do you have per day at Stout Systems Development, on average?
More than 5
It’s easy to request PTO at Stout Systems Development.
Does Stout Systems Development give you a floating holiday?
Does Stout Systems Development pay out paid time off if you leave?
At Stout Systems Development, do your paid sick days reset each year?
How many paid personal days does Stout Systems Development provide for your role?
No paid personal days
1-5 days
6-9 days
10-20 days
21-30 days
More than 30 days
Would you recommend working at Stout Systems Development to a friend?