Better Work for Women

Indeed is committed to making the workplace better for women. Here, you’ll find a list of topics, resources and opportunities to help set women up for success. Because when work is more equitable, everybody benefits. 

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Closing the Pay Gap

One of the biggest barriers to success for women? Pay! So let’s learn about the pay gap, and find ways to close it together.

Reach Your Earning Potential Find Out What You’re Worth

Building an Inclusive Workplace

An inclusive workplace is a place that understands and recognizes the needs of working women. By doing so, these workplaces reduce burnout and increase well-being for everyone.

What Does an Inclusive Workplace Look Like? Learn How we Evaluate Work Happiness

Reducing the Burden

When it comes to juggling competing responsibilities, letting women work on their own terms reduces the burden on everyone.

Finding a Flexible Workplace Identifying Companies that Value Your Input

Women in Leadership

How far you rise in a company shouldn’t be influenced by your gender.

Learn about the Glass Ceiling How to Create Opportunity Within Your Company