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Make quality hires faster with ATS integrations

ATS Sync integrations seamlessly transfer job and candidate data between Indeed and your ATS.

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make quality hires faster with ATS integrations
  • 10K Employers leveraging our integrations
  • 300+ ATS and CRM platforms integrate with Indeed
  • 5X More completed applications with Indeed ApplyIndeed Data (worldwide), Tracking on non Indeed Apply applications may be limited

Literally all of my traffic comes from Indeed. I would say at least 90% of applicants that end up being hired come from Indeed. I'm blown away when I look at my numbers from my ATS."

Tina, Manager of Recruiting

The other thing I appreciate about Indeed with PeopleMatter is that our organic jobs are re-posted every 90 days at no cost. You see spikes [in application rates] in the first day or two."

Julie, Sr. Manager of Talent Aquisition

[The integration] is actually a really cool feature that we have. Whenever we post a position on PeopleMatter, it automatically posts to Indeed. That simplifies a lot of things for us."

Marc, Vice President of HR

[With the partnership], it's not a separate step for us to go out to Indeed; it's all integrated and seamless. When you have a large recruiting force like we do, things need to be quick and easy because recruiters have so much going on. That's where it benefits us."

Julie, Vice President of HR
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