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Streamline Your Hiring Process with Indeed’s ATS Integrations

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Indeed makes it easy to manage your hiring from start to finish. Now, you can streamline your hiring process by using Indeed seamlessly with other HR tools, such as your applicant tracking system (ATS).

You can get started on Integrations Hub, a one-stop solution where you can discover, activate and manage integrations between Indeed and your ATS.

In this article, learn how Indeed’s ATS integrations can make your hiring process more seamless, including how integrations work, the benefits of integrating and how to simply sync your ATS with Indeed.

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What is ATS Sync on Indeed?

ATS Sync seamlessly transfers job and candidate data between Indeed and your ATS to make hiring faster and easier. We integrate with 200+ ATSs globally, so you can spend less time going back and forth between systems and more time hiring.

Data syncing from your ATS to Indeed:

  • ATS job postings (all jobs will have Indeed Apply)
  • Screener questions*
  • EEO questions*
  • ATS disposition status*

Data syncing from Indeed to your ATS:

  • Indeed applications
  • Candidate information
  • Indeed resumes

All third-party integrations can be found, installed and managed in the Integrations Hub within your Indeed employer dashboard.

ATS Sync is offered at no additional cost by Indeed. Integrations Hub is available to clients in the US.

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*This feature may be available for limited ATSs only

How do Indeed ATS Sync integrations work?

Indeed has worked with over 200 ATS platforms across the globe to develop secure, easy connections. This helps ensure data can flow seamlessly between the two systems. While exact functionality varies for each ATS system, here’s a closer look at the integrations that may be available when you connect your ATS with Indeed.

  • Job Sync: Create jobs on your ATS and Job Sync will automatically include them in Indeed’s search results without further action on your part. This can help expand the reach of your jobs without any additional effort.
  • Indeed Apply Sync: Automatically enable candidates to apply to your ATS jobs on Indeed with our easy application process, Indeed Apply. Indeed applications automatically sync to your ATS and some ATS platforms also support screener questions. Learn more about Indeed Apply Sync.
  • Candidate Sync: Candidates who apply to jobs posted on Indeed will be synced to your ATS automatically. This can save the time and effort of manually transferring candidates from Indeed to your systems. Learn more about Candidate Sync.
  • Disposition Sync: Automatically share ATS hiring statuses with Indeed. This will help your jobs get better candidate matches in the future since Indeed can show your job to the right job seekers.

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Why connect your ATS with Indeed?

From creating a more positive candidate experience to building a better hiring workflow for recruiting teams, here are the key reasons you may want to connect your existing ATS with Indeed.

1. Reduce candidate drop-off through a simplified application experience

Our matching and hiring platform is job-seeker friendly. In fact, over 80% of US online job seekers visit Indeed or Glassdoor.[1] Jobs synced from your ATS are powered with Indeed Apply, an optimized application experience that encourages job seekers to quickly complete a full application from any device. This results in reduced candidate drop-offs and up to a 5X increase in completed applications.[2]

2. Attract more quality candidates to your ATS jobs

Indeed is a leading matching and hiring platform with more than 300 million global monthly Unique Visitors[3] who search for jobs, post resumes, research companies and more. Employers who connect their ATS with Indeed and use Indeed Apply, our easy application process, attract more of those job seekers. In fact, jobs with Indeed Apply are clicked on 45% more often than non-Indeed Apply jobs.[4]

Plus, updating each candidate’s hiring status and disposition signals in your ATS (e.g., rejected, ready to hire) can improve the quality of your matched candidates on Indeed.

3. Enable automation for less manual data entry

Integrating your ATS with Indeed lets you take advantage of automation so you’ll spend less time switching between systems and reduce the need for manual data entry. No longer do you need to manage jobs and candidates on multiple platforms and perform repetitive, tedious tasks.

Here are some of the tasks Indeed’s integrations can take off your plate:

  • Automate job and candidate data transfers between your ATS and Indeed
  • Ensure your most updated ATS jobs are visible on Indeed
  • Get candidate profiles and applications from Indeed into your ATS automatically

Take it from Danielle San Marco, a recruiter at AlphaSights: “Indeed’s [Candidate Sync] is very easy to use…you set it up once and then you just don’t have to worry about it anymore, which is exactly what I was hoping for. Really happy with how it’s been performing for us.

How to connect your ATS with Indeed

Ready to get synced? It’s easy to connect your ATS with Indeed in just a few clicks:

1. Log in to your Indeed account and click the Account dropdown in the upper right-hand corner.

screenshot of indeed dashboard with arrow pointing to account dropdown

2. Next, click on Integrations. This will take you to the Integrations Hub.

screenshot of indeed dashboard with arrow pointing to integrations hub

3. Find your ATS(s) by scrolling through the list or using the search feature.

screenshot of indeed integrations hub homepage with colored tiles denoting each ATS


4. Click on your ATS to see a list of features and supported actions. Follow the instructions to install. Depending on the ATS, you may need to verify your credentials and/or activate some features from within your ATS.

That’s it! Your ATS will now be linked to Indeed. From there, if your ATS has the Candidate Sync feature available, you can link the jobs you’ve posted on Indeed to your ATS, and you and your team will never miss out on a new or existing Indeed candidate.

If your ATS has the Indeed Apply Sync feature available, your ATS jobs will automatically be pulled into Indeed, powered with Indeed Apply and applicants will be sent right back to your ATS.

Ready for seamless integrations? Get synced.

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