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5 Steps to Connecting with High-Quality Candidates on Indeed

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It can be hard to find quality candidates. In fact, according to an Indeed survey, 41% of employers cite poor candidate quality as a top barrier to hiring.[1] As a matching and hiring platform with over 350M+ monthly Unique Visitors,[2] Indeed has not only the reach but the tools and features you need to find quality candidates for nearly every job type and experience level.

In addition to candidates finding your jobs themselves, our matching technology quickly learns from your feedback and preferences to automatically surface quality candidates whose resumes on Indeed match your job requirements. You can then invite your top picks to apply. With a subscription to Indeed Smart Sourcing, employers get access to candidates that match their job’s criteria. 

So how do you ensure you find the candidates you’re looking for on Indeed? Below, we’ll cover how to get quality candidates on Indeed, including how to teach Indeed your standards and preferences so you can receive better matched candidates — even if you can’t explain exactly who you’re looking for.

1. Write a great job description

Getting high-quality candidates starts with your job description. By providing detailed information about the job upfront, you can help job seekers self-assess their fit for the role. With Indeed Smart Sourcing, Indeed’s matching technology also uses details in your job description to present you with a list of candidates whose resumes on Indeed could be a good fit. You can then invite your top picks to apply, or let us send personalized invites for you.

When done right, job descriptions go beyond just setting expectations. They can act as a powerful way to attract candidates, offering a glimpse into your company culture, values and opportunities. That’s why it’s important to include the key information job seekers are actually looking for in job descriptions, such as job type (e.g., full-time, part-time, contract), shift information, key qualifications and benefits/perks.

gif of adding job details on indeed

Check out our article How to Write a Job Description for more information. You can also use our job description builder, a tool that generates sample job descriptions by role title for you to customize.

2. Include compensation details

You’ll be prompted to add compensation information when you post your job on Indeed. Jobs with competitive salaries posted directly on Indeed are 38% more likely to report a hire by day seven[3] than those that do not, so it’s important to consider providing this information — 87% of new jobs posted directly on Indeed are already doing so.

Many job seekers have choices in today’s job market, so high-quality candidates may choose not to apply for a job if they’re unsure about whether or not it aligns with their salary expectations. By including clear details about salary or compensation packages, you’re not only being transparent but also grabbing the attention of quality candidates who are interested and aligned with your offering.

When posting your job, we’ll estimate the pay range based on third-party submissions to Indeed, but you can make adjustments if needed. Indeed may also offer smart compensation recommendations to increase the chance you’ll receive more applicants. This recommendation is based on an analysis of jobs in your location posted on Indeed in the last 12 months. Check out our article 5 Steps to Offering a Competitive Salary to learn more.

3. Add screener questions and deal breakers

Screener questions on Indeed can help you filter and identify candidates who meet specific criteria or possess certain qualifications necessary for the role — e.g., Do you have a valid [license/certification]? This helps streamline the candidate selection process by allowing you to focus your attention on the candidates you find the most qualified, saving time and effort in the early stages of recruitment.

We recommend adding 3-5 screener questions to help you filter applicants. Select from Indeed’s pre-made screener questions, or create your own to help you determine if it’s a mutual fit up front. You can ask any question that helps you figure out who is a great potential hire.

Mark a question as a requirement to tell Indeed when a qualification is a must-have (e.g., years of experience, licenses/certifications, shift availability). We’ll filter out candidates who don’t meet these criteria, so you’ll only see the right fits for the job. Don’t worry, you can review all candidates anytime in your candidate dashboard. 

Check out our requirement  recommendations for these popular industries:

4. Select relevant skills assessments

Another way to quickly find people with the skills you need is by including Indeed Assessments with your job postings. These ready-to-use assessments are a practical way to help verify the skills and knowledge listed on the candidate’s application and determine if they have the skills required to succeed in the role. When you post your job, click Skills tests under Browse qualifications to add an Assessment

Since all applicants take the same Assessment for a given job opening (if they choose to take it), you can objectively see how applicants perform in relation to each other. You can then filter and screen candidates based on their scores.

5. Rate your candidates on Indeed

Indeed’s matching engine learns from your candidate ratings and sends you similar candidates to the ones you’ve liked. You can rate your matched candidates (yes, no, maybe) to show Indeed who you consider qualified and who you don’t. Indeed also learns from your feedback in post-interview surveys to deliver better matches. This is just one of many ways Indeed continually learns from your feedback and recruiting activity to help you make the right hire more efficiently.

gif of rating candidates on indeed


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