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*Source: Indeed survey, n=2091

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Need help writing a job description for a specific role? Browse our free job description templates and examples for 600+ jobs.

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Job description FAQs

The best job descriptions include these four parts: core responsibilities, day-to-day activities, who the job reports to, and requirements such as past experience or certifications.

Think like a job seeker. Job seekers typically search for jobs by entering the exact title of the job they’re looking for. Use the most common or popular job title for your role so candidates can find your job posting more easily.

In an Indeed survey, job seekers most commonly stated that the job responsibilities section is the most important part of a job description (24.2%), followed closely by compensation (23.96%), required qualifications (21.33%) and job details (20.42%).*
*Source: Indeed survey, n=2,091

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*TalentNest 2019 Applicant Analysis