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1Source: Indeed Internal Data, average monthly Unique Visitors October 2023 – March 2024

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How to write effective hiring ads

With 96% of US online job seekers searching for jobs on Indeed2, a great hiring ad can help your jobs stand out from the rest. Use specific job titles, show off your benefits/perks, and sponsor your jobs to maximize their visibility.

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2Comscore Plan Metrix Multi-Platform, 18+ Job Search Audience, January 2024

Sponsored jobs deliver 60% more applicants on average than non-sponsored jobs.3

Pay to post your job to maximize your job posting’s visibility and unlock matched. On average, employers who sponsor their job post make a hire 20%4 faster when they invite matched candidates to apply.

3Source: Indeed data (worldwide) 4Source: Indeed data (US)

“Indeed allowed us to really find the very best talent.”

Jono Anzalone, Executive Director The Climate Initiative
Jono Anzalone, Executive Director of The Climate Initiative

“With Indeed, it really just helps [make] it easier to find the candidates that I need."

Cassandre Davilmar, Founder Lakou Café
Cassandre Davilmar, Founder of Lakou Café

“I found a good mix of people. It feels like a family working here.”

Anna Costello, Founder Ship Sunshine
Anna Costello, Founder of Ship Sunshine

“Matched candidates has definitely been a big win for us.”

Patryk Gawlak, Owner Peak Cleaning Service
Patryk Gawlak, Owner of Peak Cleaning Service
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Attract candidates offline with help wanted ads

To increase your chances of finding the right candidate for your position, it’s important to promote your job in different places: your local newspaper, nearby college campus, or even in your front window. These are all effective ways to expand your reach outside of online job ads. For tips on increasing your exposure to potential job seekers, consider taking a look at our market insights to help create a compelling help-wanted ad specifically targeted to your city.

Check out our market insights to create a help wanted ad in your city.

Frequently asked questions about placing a job ad

Yes, most jobs on Indeed can be posted for free.* However, if you want a larger number of applicants, consider paying to post your job. This will keep your job post visible over time and unlock matched candidates to help you connect with quality candidates.

*Terms, conditions, quality standards and usage limits apply

Help wanted ads are typically short and simple — no matter if it’s in a newspaper, business window or on a college campus bulletin board. Include the most important, relevant information to make the most of your limited space (and catch the eye of someone who could be a great match for your role).

Online hiring platforms, such as Indeed, are becoming increasingly popular and allow you to target a wide range of potential applicants from around the world. In addition to finding quality candidates, you can track your job listing’s progress from application to hire.