Inclusion demands commitment

Indeed is deeply committed to creating a workplace and global community where inclusion is not only valued, but prioritized. Diverse viewpoints bring diverse capabilities, strengthening our decision-making and fueling our growth.

How Indeed prioritizes inclusion

We support, you lead

Indeed has multiple Inclusion Resource Groups (IRGs) led by employees and supported by senior leaders, along with the tools and investment needed to bring their initiatives and programs to life.

We partner

We’ve collaborated with over 8 partners around the world each year to recruit and support underrepresented communities.

We lend our voice

Indeed research is used to support broader discussions on challenges and find new ways of thinking, including job search, employee engagement and workforce data.

We are always learning

We offer courses on topics such as Unconscious Bias, Cultural Intelligence, and Ally Skills to help employees understand underlying barriers and differences that job seekers may face.

Creating purpose and advocating broader action

Indeed strives to cultivate an inclusive workplace where all people feel comfortable being themselves in a safe and supportive environment. This includes fostering partnerships through Inclusion Resource Groups (IRGs), community organizations, and training/educational resources.
Our employee-led IRGs are comprised of thoughtful advocates and genuine connectors who are valuable business resources for their areas of focus. Together, Indeed’s spirited and open culture permeates across all offices and departments, globally, lending a voice and support to broader discussions on challenges and solutions.

Access Indeed

Drive education and awareness around disability inclusion in the workplace and support an environment where all Indeedians can thrive

All Generations Empowered (AGE)

Explore the advantages of a multi-generational workplace through networking, community outreach, and education

Asian Network

Celebrate and raise awareness about Asian cultures within Indeed, support recruitment and retainment initiatives, and improve the job seeker experience

Black Inclusion Group (BIG)

Foster an environment of growth and belonging where Black/African American employees and allies can connect, promote cultural awareness, and support business imperatives at Indeed

International Inclusion Group

Leverage and value international cultures through education, engagement, and global workplace inclusion


Increase visibility and education for LGBTQ+ issues and promote safe and inclusive environments for LGBTQ+ employees

Latinx in Tech (LIT)

Cultivate a sense of community among Latinx and their allies by building cultural awareness, providing professional development opportunities, and empowering members to make an impact

Veterans & Allies

Empower those who have served in the armed forces, their spouses, family members, and allies through advocacy, career development, and education on the value veterans bring to Indeed

Women at Indeed

Champion a culture of inclusion through advocacy, development and support for all women at Indeed. Includes focus areas in Sales and Tech


We’re so proud to make a difference in our community, lead by the connections and interests of our people. Indeed has 8 partnerships and participates in more than 70 events focused on inclusion every year. Some noteworthy programs include:

Driving success through disability inclusion

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Women transform technology. Technology transforms the world.

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Workplace advocates for LGBT workplace equality

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Accelerate progress for women through workplace inclusion

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