Editor's note: This article is updated as of May 2022.

The last two years have created a moment of reckoning for workers. Amid the stress and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, employees around the world began rethinking what they want from work. Many are now seeking change, and record numbers have left the labor force entirely. For employers, the resulting race for talent is crucial — and having a strategic hiring partner can make the difference between striving and thriving. 

At Indeed, our mission is to help people get jobs, and as part of that, we are proud to support employers during these challenging times. We are thrilled to share that recruiting tech company Breezy HR recently named Indeed as the leading source of hire among Breezy HR clients for the third year running.¹   

Indeed continues to lead as the #1 job site for offers and hires

For its 2021 Source of Hire Report (the report), Breezy HR gathered data from more than 7.7 million job applications across the US and Europe to determine which of the top job sites and recruiting channels generated the most applicants, interviews and, ultimately, offers. 

Based on an analysis of Breezy HR’s ATS data, Indeed is far and away the best source of hire among Breezy HR clients, superior even to company career sites. When comparing the performance of top job sites in the US and Europe, there’s no doubt about it: Indeed leads the pack, accounting for 32% of total hires based on the report. What’s more, the report indicates Indeed also leads in efficiency, bringing employers the shortest time to hire with 39.65 days on average, 21% faster than LinkedIn’s average of 50.07 days. 

When it comes to hiring better, Indeed is proud to serve as a trusted partner — and, as Breezy HR’s new report shows, we outperform the competition among Breezy HR clients in total number of hires and the time to hire. 

A proven history of prioritizing the job seeker

Since Indeed’s founding in 2004, our company has always put the job seeker first. We believe that what’s best for the job seeker is also what’s best for employers, and that conviction has made Indeed the #1 job site in the world,² with 250 million unique visitors every month. 

Indeed’s mission — helping people get jobs — also works for employers. Over 80% of US online job seekers across industries, education levels and years of experience visit Indeed or Glassdoor,³ giving employers unrivaled access to talent. We’re honored to be named the leading source of hire once again by Breezy HR, as this recognition confirms the effectiveness of our approach. 

Indeed is dedicated to innovation, creating new products and improving ways of working that make hiring faster, easier and more human for employers. For example, employers have the option to search through Indeed Resume, our resume database of over 225 million resumes, for top candidates. And by utilizing Indeed Assessments, employers are able to add skills tests to job postings so they can quickly screen candidates based on their abilities, personalities and aptitude for particular roles, and not just rely on their prior work history. 

To meet the needs of an increasingly virtual workforce, we introduced Indeed Hiring Platform in 2021. The all-in-one recruiting solution helps automate time-consuming steps in the hiring process based on an employer’s criteria and hiring needs. This allows talent acquisition teams to fast-forward to the candidate interview, dramatically shortening the time it takes to get candidates into jobs — and significantly reducing the time it takes employers to hire.

At this pivotal workforce moment, we’re proud to continue serving as an industry leader and look forward to helping employers and job seekers navigate a brighter future. Thank you to all the employers and job seekers out there; our commitment to you is that the best is yet to come.


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³ Comscore, Unique Visitors, May 2021. Job seeker cross-visit rate set at 3X non-job seeker rate