All of us are searching for great talent to add to our organizations—and in an ideal world, opportunities would be available to all based on their skills, experience and passions. But despite the best of intentions, imperfections and inconsistencies in the hiring process can sometimes make great candidates feel invisible. And these barriers and biases can also cause employers to miss out on a great fit.

So how can we as employers create an environment where talent is recognized, wherever it is found? At this year’s Indeed Interactive we’ll be exploring exactly what it means to search for greatness in the 21st century.  

How can employers better democratize opportunity and tap into the diverse pool of available talent to identify and embrace greatness in all? And how do we define and achieve greatness in our careers and at our organizations? Please join us in Austin, Texas as between May 14th and 16th we answer these questions and reveal the latest in recruiting trends, and hiring solutions from Indeed.

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From big ideas to specific recruiting tactics, Indeed Interactive has it all covered. Here is just a taste of what’s in store this year:

  • The Power of Onlyness. Known for her ability to turn wild and transformative ideas into reality, author and entrepreneur Nilofer Merchant has personally helped companies launch over 100 products. In this keynote she will explore the concept of “onlyness” and how to recognize and foster it in your talent.
  • Understanding the Job Seeker Experience
    Understanding the candidate experience is key to making today’s hiring process more effective. Through engaging storytelling exercises, this session will show you how to better personalize the hiring process so that great talent doesn't slip through the cracks.
  • Recruiting Outside of Your Bubble
    It’s easy to fall back on what you know, but greatness can be found in unexpected places. In this breakout we’ll explore recruiting strategies that can help you target candidates who don't fit your usual recruitment profile, enabling you to transform your organization for the better.
  • Too Few People Applied! What Do I Do Now?
    Finding talent is only the start of a process that ultimately leads to making a great hire—and it doesn’t always go as smoothly as we’d like. Learn how to leverage Indeed's product ecosystem to stand out among the competition and secure the best candidates for your organization.

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Note: Details of specific breakout sessions may change.