In our last post on recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), we demystified this strategy and shared its benefits. To recap, bringing an RPO provider into your organization can help you solve common recruiting challenges for better, faster hiring. 

By outsourcing key recruiting tasks and projects to a trusted partner, you can lighten your in-house workload — freeing your team to focus on core business. RPO companies also offer access to advanced technology, increasing your quality of hire while bringing costs down. 

As more employers adopt RPO, the demand for providers will only increase. To help you find the provider that’s right for you, Indeed decided to partner with ClearlyRated to launch a RPO award program focused on giving unbiased and transparent results so that RPO providers can credibly differentiate themselves.

 “RPO [providers] are on the front lines of the war for talent, adding tremendous value to the companies they partner with,” says ClearlyRated CEO and Founder Eric Gregg. “Yet the industry lacked a credible, transparent, data-based program to recognize those who are delivering outsized results for their clients.” 

With Indeed on board as the exclusive sponsor, The Best of RPO program was born: an annual list of RPO companies that have demonstrated exceptional service quality, based exclusively on ratings from their clients. In fact, ClearlyRated found that clients of winning providers are two times more likely to be “completely satisfied” with the services provided than are clients from non-winning providers.

Read on to find out which RPO companies made our inaugural Best of RPO list. 

And the first ever Best of RPO winners are…

Here are the 2020 winners, as determined by ratings from their clients. 


RPO firm Hueman has a human-centric focus, with a mission to “connect the right people to the right job at the right time.” 

“We’ve always prided ourselves on being a culture-based organization, hiring team members both for ourselves and our clients that align with the culture at hand,” says RPO Division President Sarah Palmer. “And our name, Hueman, represents the different spectrums individuals [and companies] bring; … their different hues.”

The firm’s focus on people has made them a nationally and globally awarded company: They’ve been named a “Best Place to Work in America” by Fortune magazine for 15 consecutive years, and by Gallup as a “Top 35 Most Engaged Workforce Worldwide” for the past six years. The firm also integrates best-in-class technology and digital marketing strategies into their partnership programs, ensuring their clients are supported by a dedicated recruitment-marketing expert. 

Orion Novotus

Orion Novotus is an award-winning RPO firm; it’s also a company committed to veteran careers. In fact, Orion Novotus is an Orion Talent company, which is the nation’s largest military recruitment firm. Recently, Orion Talent was recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor as a Gold Medallion recipient of the 2019 HIRE Vets Medallion Program Award, given to companies committed to veteran hiring, retention and professional development.

Orion Novotus’ clients value their quick responsiveness and focus on the customer, as evidenced by their feedback. 

One client praises their “talented, educated and experienced recruiters who get to know your company, your managers [and] your culture, … [ensuring you’ll find] the right candidate.” 

Another describes the team at Orion Novotus as “very responsive and customer-focused,” adding that “if an infrequent issue comes up, it is taken care of quickly.”

This kind of client satisfaction is what the firm aims for: “We work hard for our clients and expect to score high on these lists,” says President Cory Kruse. “We are excited about the partnership between ClearlyRated, Indeed and Orion Novotus.”


LevelUP Human Capital Solutions prides themselves on scaling their services based on client  needs. Their goal is to build strong, lasting relationships with employers using a solution-minded approach — and by practicing complete transparency. 

“We are very proud that we still serve our very first client, [while we] continue with rapid growth globally,” says a company representative. “The biggest thing that makes us stand out compared to other RPO [providers] is our people: We have a wide range of talented employees [who] fulfill client needs and are able to seamlessly fit into our clients’ organizations as well as our own.”

PSG Global Solutions

PSG is the world’s largest and fastest-growing provider of offshore recruiting support, serving some of the biggest recruiting operations worldwide. 

According to a representative, they’ve invested heavily in automation to create a unique delivery model: integrating top technology with a global recruiting team of over 1,500 people. The secret to their success? A commitment to their clients. 

“PSG has been extremely engaged and committed to meeting our requests,” says one client, the director of a large technology services company. “The insight and guidance PSG provides have been pivotal to the performance gains we continue to see.”

“While RPO success is heavily driven by cost-effectiveness and productivity metrics, it also takes stellar customer service,” says a company representative. “We believe that our collaborative client approach is a core reason we’ve received this incredible honor.”


Xelerate’s service quality and fast growth landed them a place on the 2018 Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing private companies.

One CEO praises Xelerate for fundamentally changing the way their company recruits employees, saying: “In a world of never-ending obstacles and challenges to hiring and retaining the most qualified and professional staff, Xelerate is a difference-maker.”

Advanced RPO

Advanced RPO has over 20 years of success in recruitment process outsourcing, and prides itself on having some of the industry’s most experienced leadership and delivery teams. The firm also made the 2019 Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies.

How to select your first RPO provider

Think recruitment process outsourcing is right for you? To help you choose the right provider, here are some tips from our Best of RPO winners.  

“Your RPO provider should view your program through a tech-enabled mindset,” says Palmer of Hueman. “Your provider must understand the nuances and evolving nature of technology to build a tech-stack that is efficient and scalable for your unique program.”

LevelUP representatives highlight the importance of communication and transparency. They suggest working with your provider to set clear, measurable key performance indicators from the start to ensure both parties are aligned. 

“At the start of our projects, we establish the metrics by which we are going to measure our performance, and we determine how frequently we will be reporting those metrics and to whom,” says a LevelUP representative.

Finally, PSG Global Solutions recommends approaching RPO company selection as if it were recruiting.

“Just like in recruiting, thorough reference checks matter,” says a company representative. “Talk to current clients of your RPO shortlist vendors to confirm that what you’ve heard during the sales process is what you’ll get once you’re a client.” 

If you’re struggling with your recruiting efforts, bringing in a recruitment process outsourcing provider can help — and our Best of RPO list can help. Get started today to help bring your hiring to the next level.

We know that credible proof of service is very important to current and potential RPO clients. If you’re a provider and think your firm has what it takes to make this list of top RPO companies, there’s still time. Contact ClearlyRated for more information and for a chance to be considered in the 2020 Best of RPO awards.