Job seekers are expressing an increasing interest in remote work, suggesting that for some jobs, location may matter less and less. But for the majority of jobs, location is still a huge factor. By examining the fastest growing jobs in some of the largest cities in the country, we can learn more about which kinds of jobs are capturing people’s attention and where they’d like to do that job.

After looking at the job search trends in 10 key cities, we found interesting commonalities and diversions among the jobs that are growing in metros across the U.S.

This map shows the fastest growing job searches in ten key cities across the United States.
This map shows the fastest growing job searches in ten key cities across the United States. The ten cities listed and their respective job searches are: San Francisco: Medical Writer, Chicago: Data Scientist, Philadelphia: Technical Support, New York: HR Manager, Boston: Chief of Staff, Los Angeles: Data Scientist, Dallas: Cognos Developer, Houston: Security Analyst, Atlanta: Finance Director and Washington DC: Technical Writer.

The fastest growing job searches are for high-skill roles

Across the board, the job searches that are seeing the most growth in large cities are for high-skill positions that require specific training and experience. These jobs include roles such as Data Scientist, Security Analyst and Chief of Staff. Growing interest is good news for employers because these jobs are hard to fill, and companies hiring for these roles may want to source candidates from the markets where each job is growing.

Many of these roles are also very specialized

Seeing such high growth for job titles like Medical Writer and Technical Writer conveys the increasing specialization of many roles. For example, an Indeed search for Medical Writer in San Francisco results in many positions that call for advanced scientific knowledge of medical products as well as a proven track record of writing and documentation in the medical field. This is a role that bridges many functional groups and builds on the trend that Josh Bersin observed a few years ago: “It’s now about expertise, not just experience.

Even in cities that aren’t considered tech hubs, job seekers show growing interest in tech jobs

Our research also revealed that even in cities not considered tech hubs, candidates are seeking out technical opportunities. In Dallas, the fastest growing job search is Cognos Developer, a role that’s highly specialized in business intelligence and product management systems. This may be because tech-savvy, highly educated adults aged 25-34 are increasingly likely to move to dense urban centers like Dallas, according to a recent Nielsen Report.

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