The workforce is driven by people who turn their imagination into reality every day — individuals who come together to achieve things as a team, who share their ideas and give them life. Little by little, or sometimes all at once, these are the people who invent, innovate and bring about great change.

Take Your Kids to Work Day is a day to remember the force of imagination and give children a glimpse of what they can be. To get a sense of what kinds of jobs kids imagine for themselves today, The Game of Life surveyed 400 children in seven countries and included the results as Career Cards in the newest version of the iconic board game.

The new additions include Race Car Driver, Inventor, Veterinarian and Dancer. We selected some of the jobs from the list that people routinely search for on Indeed to get insights into what it would take for kids to turn their dreams into reality one day.

One career on the list, Scientist, could refer to many job titles. We looked at the job searches for scientists, research associates and lab technicians to learn how people are finding these jobs. Indeed data show that 93% of people searching for these jobs have a university degree. Candidates for these jobs are also hard to find: 41% of scientist jobs remain open after 30 days, so it’s encouraging to see kids have a growing interest in this career.

93% of people searching for scientist jobs have a university degree

Video Game Designer was also high on the list of kids' dream jobs. Since there are many jobs in the video game industry, we looked at a few job titles, including searches for video game designers, video game developers and gameplay engineers. Eighty-one percent of the people who search for those jobs have a university degree.

Kids are also inspired by the people they see at work every day: their teachers. We learned that 47% of entry-level teacher jobs are still open after 30 days, meaning that it’s challenging for schools to find all the teachers they need. Children who imagine themselves as teachers today may have a big impact on that statistic as they grow up and enter the workforce.

Are you talking to your kids about future careers? Try searching with them on Indeed to show them the range of careers that exist and the types of skills they’ll need to reach their dream job.