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Career development

The Impact of Workplace Wellbeing and How To Foster It

Learn the results from 2022's workplace wellbeing report conducted online by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Indeed and discover how perspectives are shifting.

Finding a job

Discover how to assess the job market and what to do if you’ve been laid off, including how to negotiate a job offer during a recession.

Pay & salary

Indeed surveyed 1,500 people living in the United States and found that pay transparency can bring a cascade of benefits to both employees and employers.

Finding a job

Career ideas and guidance to pick the right role for you

15 Best Jobs for Teenagers To Consider While in School

Learn about some of the best jobs for teens to pursue while they attend school as well as what makes these positions ideal for teenagers.

Discover the answer to "What are the career clusters?", and explore each cluster to learn about the career pathways and jobs it includes to help you pick a job.

Review 20 ways for making money from home, such as writing, testing websites or launching your own business, plus get 45 more ideas that might spark your own.

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10 Steps To Get a Programming Job With No Experience
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Resumes & cover letters

Writing and formatting tips to make your application stand out

How To Write a Cover Letter (With Steps, Examples and Tips)

Learn how to write a cover letter, with examples and tips to help you get a hiring employer’s attention.

Learn how to highlight 10 common skills employers look for on resumes, the difference between hard and soft skills and how to list skills on your resume.

Your resume will help potential employers determine if you are a good fit for open positions. There are several steps you can take to create a document that best communicates your qualifications.

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How To Write a Stock Manager Resume (Plus an Example)
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Common questions, answers and advice to help you prepare

List of Weaknesses: Examples of What To Say in an Interview

In response to an interviewer asking you, “What is your greatest weakness?” there are ways to turn your shortcomings into strengths and leave a good impression.

Get tips and read through example answers for 30 top job interview questions, plus review 96 more common questions, to prepare answers for your interview day.

Learn how to answer 'Tell me about yourself" in job interviews by relating your accomplishments to the job requirements. Explore tips to help you prepare answers to stand out from other candidates.

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52 Steamfitter Interview Questions (Plus Sample Answers)
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Pay & salary

Data and tips for talking about money at work

How To Ask for a Raise: A Guide (With Tips and Scripts)

Learn how to ask for a raise with our example scripts and review our tips on how to research salary, assess you manager's mood and what to expect afterward.

Learn how to negotiate your salary after a job offer to ensure you're fairly compensated and increase your earning potential throughout your career.

Learn about top work-from-home jobs that pay well and review our list of average salaries and job responsibilities.

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Low-Wage, In-Person Jobs Ramp Up Benefits Advertising in Tight Labor Market
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Career development

Skills and steps to take your career to the next level

Self-Introductions Tips (With Templates and Samples)

Learn how to craft a powerful self-introduction with the essential details that will help you make a lasting impression.

Learn how to write an effective problem statement through our step-by-step instructions and comprehensive example.

In this Indeed Career Coach-approved article, you will learn how to write a compelling proposal letter and structure it properly.

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What Is the Rule of 7? (Plus Why It's Important)
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Starting a new job

Best practices to make a strong impression and transition smoothly.

How To Write a Resignation Letter (With Samples and Tips)

Learn how to write a resignation letter with our templates and tips so that you can resign from your job in a professional manner.

Learn how to introduce yourself to colleagues in the workplace and explore examples and tips to build solid work relationships.

An acceptance email should include all relevant details of your employment, such as your start date, position title and benefits offered.

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How To Get Property Management Training To Advance Your Career

Job search resources

Job Cast by Indeed

Check out our free webinars to learn tips for a successful job search and beyond.

When we are able to understand each other, we are able to create environments of compassion, collaboration and connection. Let's champion a world of work where people are hired and seen for their strengths and talents—free from bias and discrimination.

Check out our resources to help you feel confident in your next virtual interview.

Articles by industry

Career Advice for Healthcare Jobs

Career advice on how to find a job, write your resume and cover letter, ace your interviews, or start a new job in Healthcare.

Career advice on how to find a job, write your resume and cover letter, ace your interviews, or start a new job in Construction and Extraction.

Career advice on how to find a job, write your resume and cover letter, ace your interviews, or start a new job in Sales & Business Development.

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What Is a Consultant Engineer? (With Salary and Duties)

Discover what a consultant engineer's primary job duties are, learn about the requirements to become one and review the average salary for this position.

This article offers some common CSS3 interview questions and sample answers to help you ace your next interview.

Discover what an internal medicine physician assistant is, what they do and how to become one with a list of skills and descriptions of their work environment.

Learn how to create a resume that gets you hired and learn which elements of a resume to avoid, plus see a template and resume example in this article.

Learn what hydroponic farming is, explore its benefits, discover why it's important and read about the differences between traditional and hydroponic farming.

Writers are in big demand, thanks to a thriving online world. Learn about some of the best part-time freelance writing jobs that you can turn into a full-time career.

Learn about UI designers, what their job duties entail, their qualifications, essential skills and their average annual salary and job outlook.

Discover what industrial maintenance is and what industries use it, along with the different types, jobs and certifications you might explore in the field.

Learn what a dual career path is, explore employer benefits of having one, review its key concepts and see how to pursue a dual career path.

Learn about what is social recruiting, the benefits of this practice, some social recruiting strategies and a few tips that may help recruiters use it.

Learn the role of an educational counselor, including the job's duties, salary, job outlook, education requirements and skills, through a series of questions.

Explore the role of a project lead, including its responsibilities and benefit to a company, and consider some tips for how to succeed in a project leader role.

Recently published articles

Best Jobs of 2023

Indeed's list of the best jobs of 20233 defining “best” as jobs that are in demand, compensated well and offer flexibility through remote or hybrid work.

2022 was the year of workplace buzzwords, from “quiet quitting” to “career cushioning,” society tried to describe and understand shifts in the workplace.

Indeed Hiring Lab and Glassdoor Economic Research partnered to predict what upcoming changes we might expect in the labor market. Disover five major trends from the report.

Layoffs in the tech sector have dominated the headlines for the past few months. To best assist job seekers Indeed has put together a list of companies that are hiring now in tech.

Learn about the benefits of accessibility certification and review IAAP, OAST and edX programs, plus get guidance on choosing a certification for your career.

Social media is an important tool for communicating, networking and curating your public image. Discover how your current or potential employer might be weighing your social media presence.

To compete in the current labor market, employers are re-examining their recruitment approach for low-wage roles that are emotionally demanding and require in-person attendance.

Tech layoffs are on the rise but they are not indicative of the labor market as a whole. Discover what is driving the layoffs and job market predictions for 2023.

The nation is experiencing a child care shortage. Discover what's causing the shortage and how it's causing a ripple effect across the business world.

Pro-union sentiment is at its highest since 1965. Learn about the history of unions in the U.S. and how it has contributed to the rise of unions today.

Discover why negotiating your salary and benefits may still be necessary in the face of economic uncertainty and how to find your professional value with tips.

If you are changing careers due to economic uncertainty explore several steps you can take to transition into a new career including tips from an Indeed recruiter.

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