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Meet the best

Only the top 5% of candidates pass our screening process and coding challenges. We do the upfront filtering for software engineers, UX/UI designers, data scientists and product managers.

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Engage with responsive candidates

Prime only works with leading companies, which is why 95% of Prime candidates respond to employer contacts. Applicants are pre-qualified, motivated and open to new opportunities.

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Make quality hires faster

Dramatically reduce time to fill for high-impact technical roles. Find and hire the tech talent you need for less than the cost of a recruiting agency.

Top questions about Indeed Prime

Why should I use Prime?

Prime gives you access to active tech talent who are motivated to explore new opportunities. Each week we screen interested applicants and send you a list of the most qualified candidates.

Where do your candidates come from?

Our candidates are sourced from a variety of online and offline channels, including Indeed and other platforms. We sponsor nationwide coding challenges and developer conferences. We also have a substantial online marketing strategy to attract talent to Prime.

Who is in your candidate pool?

We are currently sourcing software engineers, UX/UI designers, data scientists and product managers in San Francisco, London, New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle and Austin. Prime candidates are located in these cities or willing to relocate. We plan to expand to more markets soon.