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Research Reveals Optimism and Concerns About AI

Indeed commissioned a study of 7,000 HR/TA leaders and job seekers across seven countries to find out what they think about AI and how it's impacting hiring. Discover what the research reveals, plus learn how to use AI systems responsibly and how technology like predictive analytics can make hiring simpler, faster and more human.

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AI Research & Insights from Indeed

What you need to know about AI, jobs & hiring

Attract Great Candidates with Indeed’s New AI-Powered Job Description Tool

Indeed’s AI Job Description Generator tool combines the benefits of OpenAI’s GPT with Indeed’s proprietary AI to quickly create compelling job descriptions. 

New Indeed Research Reveals Optimism About AI — Here’s Why

Most HR and TA leaders are optimistic about AI, a new Indeed global survey shows. One reason: Leaders believe AI will enable them to focus more on the human side of hiring.

How to Responsibly Use AI-Powered HR Tools

Four steps you can take to identify the risks of using AI in hiring and make sure your use is fair, ethical and effective.

How to Win Over the AI-Skeptical Candidate

Some recent labor strikes have highlighted workers’ fears about AI’s impact on their jobs. Here’s what employers should know. 

Research shows that employers are excited about artificial intelligence in hiring, but job seekers are concerned. Here’s a rundown of their worries and what to do about them.

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Can matching and hiring platforms solve the biggest problems employers face in hiring?

A new report examines why matching and hiring platforms matter to employers in a changing recruiting and hiring landscape.

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