Going Away Gift Ideas for Employees

Whether they’re moving to a new location, pursuing a different career or retiring from their role, there will be employees who decide to leave your company. Giving employees going away gifts allows you to end the professional relationships on good terms. Learn more about the importance of going away gifts for employees.


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Why businesses should give leaving gifts for employees

Giving employees going away gifts is a great way to show them how much you appreciate their commitment and contributions to your company. Current employees may also value how grateful you are toward departing employees, which makes them feel proud to be a part of an encouraging work environment. 


It’s also important to end your professional relationship with employees on good terms. Using a going away gift to wish them well makes them feel supported as they move on. This also makes the employee feel comfortable coming back to work at your company if that’s the case.


In many office environments, coworkers develop close bonds with one another, as well as their employers. While an employee may be leaving to move on to a different opportunity, they may also be a bit sad to leave their current job behind. A thoughtful going away gift can serve as a wonderful reminder to your employee of their friends and colleagues as they move toward a new chapter. 


Going away gift ideas for your employees

There are many factors to consider when deciding on gifts for employee leaving, such as years of service at the company, their reason for leaving and their relationship with other employees. Common farewell office gifts include:  


 Location-themed items and souvenirs 


If an employee is leaving because they’re relocating, something that’s significant to their new location might make sense. Consider: 


  • Key chain or other souvenir with the city or state’s name on it 
  • Local guidebook listing sights to see and things to do in the area 
  • Book about the history of the city or state

Consider souvenirs that remind them of your current location, like food products or merchandise from local restaurants and stores. This shows your support, makes them feel more confident moving to a new area and gives them a positive reminder of your company.


Company-themed gift bags

Another way to encourage your employee to leave with positive thoughts of your company is to give them a company-themed gift bag. Fill it with branded merchandise and other significant office items to remind them of your business and the many opportunities you’ve provided them in the past. This merchandise can give them the feeling of familiarity and comfort they once had when working in your office. 


Flowers and a card

If the gift is for an employee you were unable to spend a considerable amount of time with, get them a more formal present, like a bouquet of flowers and a card. Have your staff sign the card wishing the employee luck and thanking them for their hard work. Consider adding extras like a bottle of champagne or chocolates to make it even more special. This shows the employee you’re thinking of them and that you and your team wish them luck in their future endeavors. 


Office supply gifts

If the employee is moving on to a different office role, get practical gifts for them to regularly use on the job. These gifts are a great way to show them you care and help boost their productivity or efficiency when using these items at work. Possible ideas include: 


  • Pencil cup or holder 
  • Desk clock 
  • Office plant 
  • Coffee mug 
  • Desk organizer 
  • Mousepad 
  • Calendar or daily planner 
  • Desk footrest 

Goodbye party with a cake

Learn what your employee’s favorite cake or dessert is and throw them a goodbye party. This sends your employee off on a positive note and it allows your current staff to take a break from work and say a final farewell to their coworker. To really show your appreciation, you can make a speech during the party or let other employees share meaningful moments with the departing employee.


Free team lunch

If the employee worked closely with a certain department, you can take the entire team out to lunch on the departing employee’s last day. Ask the employee what their favorite restaurant or type of food is and invite team members or other staff members to join. Paying for their meal and dedicating time to the employee before they leave is an effective way to demonstrate how much you value the work both the employee and their team have provided your company.


Gift cards

A gift card is another great gift for a coworker leaving. One way to approach this is to determine a set value of the card, then ask each employee to contribute a specific dollar amount to the going away gift for their coworker. You can also conduct a little research around the office to learn more about the employee’s interests and tastes so you can purchase a gift card suitable for them. 


For example, if your employee is an avid coffee drinker, consider buying a gift card to their favorite coffee house. A gift card to an online bookstore would make an ideal going away gift for book lovers. Gift cards provide a wide range of options, and they allow the receiver to purchase exactly what they want. 


FAQs about going away gifts for employees

Should employers provide going away gifts for employees who were terminated or laid off?

If an employee was let go for misconduct or a fireable offense, it is not necessary for an employer to provide any going away gift. However, if a worker is laid off due to budget cuts or other administrative reasons but through no fault of their own, a going away gift is completely acceptable. 


What is the average cost of a retirement going away gift?

While gift amounts can vary greatly depending on the specifics of the employee who is retiring and the company they’re retiring from, the average cost range for a retirement gift from an employer or boss falls between $100 and $1,000. If the gift is coming from a coworker, the price range is generally between $10 and $100.


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