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13 Recruiting CRM Software Tools for 2023

With most kinds of software tools, the acronym CRM usually stands for Customer Relationship Management. It’s a little different with recruiting software: For companies looking to manage applicants and fill positions, CRM means Candidate Relationship Management.

Recruiting CRM software is designed to help companies market themselves to potential talent with a consistent brand and to make onboarding, training and interaction with the company a total process that delivers an amazing candidate experience. With the right recruiting CRM tools at your command, your business can supercharge its recruitment and ensure the acquisition and retention of the best talent on the market.

Looking for more recruiting software? Visit our comprehensive guide and find the right vendor for you.

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What is recruiting CRM?

Candidate relationship management (CRM) is the maintenance of a positive and healthy relationship with current, past and potential candidates for a position in your business. It’s the structured process that defines the overall candidate experience of your company all the way through the recruitment cycle. Good recruiter CRM ensures that you have a healthy pipeline of candidates who can fulfill roles from full-time salaried employment to remote staffing, gig workers and hourly candidates.

A typical recruitment process takes at least two dozen days and several thousand dollars to yield a solid hire, but it’s far from uncommon for it to take much longer, even months, with all the lost revenue and strain on remaining staff that this implies. High-quality CRM can save a considerable amount of time by keeping a company aware of each candidate’s current employment status and the state of their relationship with the business.

What to look for when choosing recruiting CRM software

Solid CRM recruitment software should include certain basic features in order to be competitive in the fast-paced modern marketplace. Here’s a list of some of the key features to look for:

1. Analytics and reporting

The ability to track the progress of candidates and get an accurate picture of your overall recruitment process is a function of accurate analytics and flexible, easy-to-read reports.

2. ATS integration

Your recruitment CRM should integrate smoothly with the data from any Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software your company is currently using in order to reduce duplication of data entry and data inaccuracies.

3. Candidate profile creation and management

Candidate profiles should include all relevant resume data and a full record of interaction with the company, and it should be easy for agents and stakeholders to access and update.

4. Ratings

It should be possible to rate candidates on their skill sets and, ideally, on other metrics as well, and to synthesize multiple rating types into an overall rating.

5. Resume parsing

Fast parsing of resumes makes it possible to streamline your approach to and selection of candidates.

6. Talent pools

Grouping candidates for different positions into separate pools is an excellent way to keep recruitment organized.

7. Workflow automation

The ability to automate repetitive and time-consuming actions like email follow-ups and interview scheduling.

15 Recruiting CRM Software Tools

The following list of CRM recruitment software vendors was selected according to the above criteria as well as to cover a range of firm sizes and specializations.


Price: There’s no standard pricing structure; customers need to contact the company for an individual quote. Ascendify doesn’t provide free versions or trials of the software, but it does arrange demos.

Key Features:

  • Custom career websites with specific dashboards for each candidate
  • Automates predefined talent pipelines by job role
  • Uses “smart data” to predict the likely time to fill job roles and specific requests
  • Intelligence Career Assistant provides actionable goals and career paths for employees, increasing engagement and retention
  • Integrates machine learning and predictive analytics

Built with global organizations in mind, Ascendify’s clientele includes prominent brands such as Blackboard, Cisco, Disney, GE and Panasonic. This feature-rich CRM recruitment software provides plenty of ways to build and maintain strong candidate relationships. It cleverly deploys machine learning-supported “smart data” to manage talent pipelines, personalize the candidate experience of a company’s web portal and tailor ongoing engagement with hired staff. The AI integration is effective in automating and accelerating previously analog processes.


Price: Contact the vendor for an individual quote. Avature does not provide free trials or versions, but it can offer demos.

Key Features:

  • Real time collaboration dashboards and reporting tools
  • Designed to be configurable and easy to update
  • Simultaneously searches for and retrieves leads from multiple sources
  • Automatic import of candidate data
  • Powerful set of recruitment marketing tools for email, social media and company websites

A major player in recruitment software, Avature is a famously flexible enterprise-level SaaS platform that provides comprehensive talent acquisition, tracking and CRM tools in one package. Made with a view toward ease of configuration, making it highly usable for businesses in many different sectors, it supports a vast range of features, including smart searching, recruitment marketing, candidate data import and real time reporting. It sports a range of ATS integrations and its own API for building custom integrations if needed. Avature has earned a client base of more than 650 companies, many of them Fortune 500 brands.


Price: Customers need to contact the vendor for a specialized quote. Demos are available, but there are no free trials or free versions of the software.

Key Features:

  • Automated workflow management, data management and deduplication
  • Proactive talent pipeline creation
  • Personalized real-time talent marketing

Billing its products as recruitment marketing software built for fast-growing companies, Beamery focuses heavily on the automation of everything from workflows to talent marketing campaigns to management of data, with the ultimate goal of ensuring streamlined and data-driven recruitment processes and strong CRM. While not a one-stop talent management platform — it will still need to be integrated with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for full effectiveness — Beamery’s effective automation of CRM has won positive word-of-mouth from customers and a client list including brands like NASDAQ, Rockstar and Zoom. As one client puts it: “with the Beamery implementation, we re-shaped our whole strategy and developed a new mindset in how we approach candidates.”


Price: There is no standardized pricing structure. Customers need to contact the company for an individual quote or a free demo. No free trials or software versions are available.

Key Features:

  • Proctored testing and certification for software engineers
  • Technical interview scheduling and implementation
  • Video interviews support virtual whiteboards for flowcharting and free illustration
  • Replayable coding tests and collaborative sharing of interview results with hiring team

CodeSignal is recruitment CRM software laser-focused on recruiting software engineers and for testing and certifying candidates. It provides a vast library of resources for testing and certification tasks and offers integration of coding and virtual flowcharting with the video interview experience. Designed to scale interviews easily, collect interview feedback and assess coding and communications skills in a virtual environment as “real world-like” as possible, CodeSignal offers a custom API and a range of built-in ATS integrations, including iCIMS, JazzHR and Lever.

Hello Talent

Price: A free version and free trials are available. Paid accounts start at $71 monthly per user, and enterprise-tier services are available by custom quote.

Key Features:

  • Basic functionality offered in free software
  • Paid tiers of service include GDPR compliance features, email campaigns and social profile aggregation
  • Enterprise version includes CV parsing

Hello Talent seeks to provide services that appeal to businesses from small startup firms to prominent enterprise-level clientele such as Air France, Christian Dior, Malt, Marriott and Orange. The free tier of service is mainly useful for testing out extremely basic functionality, including candidate documentation, tagging and rating in both the app’s browser window and mobile app versions. The more advanced packages provide increasingly powerful recruitment marketing and CRM features, third-party integrations and, at the enterprise level, automated CV parsing and a custom API.


Price: Individualized solutions are available by custom quote from the vendor, who can also arrange for a free demonstration. Free trials and free versions of the software are not available.

Key Features:

  • Integrated ATS
  • Personalized career sites
  • SEO-enhanced recruitment marketing
  • Automated sourcing and nurturing tools and analytics

iCIMS‘ hiring solutions are part of a Talent Cloud that supports personalized career sites, fully integrated CRM software that supports two-sided matching and SEO-enhanced recruitment marketing and a suite of automated tools for marketing, sourcing and nurturing. The Talent Cloud platform features a native, integrated Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and a plethora of pre-built integrations with third-party software for screening, assessments and video interviews. Automated text and email messaging, sophisticated reports on marketing designed to help measure the efficiency and ROI of recruiting outreach and the ability to host virtual career fairs are all part of the platform.


Price: Contact Jobvite directly for a free demo or custom quote. Free trials and free versions of the software are not offered.

Key Features:

  • AI-driven automation and recruitment marketing
  • Targeted and personalized customer experiences
  • Built-in applicant management, onboarding and referrals

Jobvite positions itself as a comprehensive end-to-end talent acquisition suite that delivers workflow management, job posting, internal HR features, onboarding, resume parsing and searches, a native ATS solution and interview scheduling and assessment. It features AI-driven automation of candidate outreach and screening as well as “smart” data-driven tools for increasing employee engagement and retention. Jobvite claims to have the demonstrated ability to halve the time from posting a job to hiring a qualified applicant. It’s known for its feature-rich functionality and ease of use.


Price: Customers need to contact the vendor for a demonstration or a custom quote. There are no free versions or free trials of LiveHire.

Key Features:

  • Deep integration with SAP SuccessFeatures
  • Combines CRM and ATS functionality
  • Internal and outplacement mobility tools

LiveHire lays claim to providing a seamlessly integrated approach to recruitment CRM and applicant tracking, with brand-aligned sourcing and engagement, personalized communications, automated SMS and email messaging and live candidate profiles with full interaction records. LiveHire’s focus is not only on recruitment but also on internal mobility. It offers organized sourcing of potential candidates from alumni, internal staff and contractors along with job postings. It also features AI-powered analysis and research to support departing staff.

Rakuna Recruit

Price: Rakuna’s pricing starts at $350 as a one-time payment per user. There is also a free version and a free trial.

Key Features:

  • Automated interview scheduling
  • Snapshot candidate resume capture
  • Personalized and targeted email campaigns
  • Data export to Excel or to ATS software
  • Diversity-driven event recruiting and interviewing

Rakuna Recruit is CRM recruitment software specifically made for campus and event recruiting. It has a CRM feature set that includes talent pool categories, targeted and automated email campaigns and integration with multiple ATS software systems. Built to recruit both for specific positions and for one-off events, career fairs and conferences, Rakuna is designed to address common concerns of the campus recruitment space. Its recruiting and interviewing tools are specifically crafted to support diversity-driven staffing and engagement.


Price: Custom quotes and free demos are available by direct contact with the vendor. Skeeled does not offer a free trial or a free version of the software.

Key Features:

  • Includes ATS software
  • Builds user-friendly career pages for candidate engagement
  • Supports customizable assets and branding tools
  • Offers video interviews

Skeeled advertises itself as a comprehensive talent acquisition suite, offering everything from recruitment marketing and CRM features to applicant tracking. It leverages employee professional networks to reach passive candidates and provides provisions for peer assessment of skills and talents that can boost the quality of potential hires. This solution can also align recruitment marketing with a unified and vivid employer brand. AI-powered processes are designed to remove bias from the hiring process and to replicate human actions with machine learning. The system offers video interviewing, and it’s particularly useful for managing high volumes of candidates.

Symphony Talent

Price: There are no free trials or free versions of Symphony Talent software, but demonstrations and custom quotes are available by contacting the vendor.

Key Features:

  • Integrated recruitment marketing and CRM functionality and analytics
  • AI-driven sourcing recommendations
  • Internal talent pipelines and personalized job alerts

Advertised as a single-platform solution for recruitment CRM, Symphony Talent enables teams to control and analyze recruitment marketing strategies from one dashboard. With internal pipelining tools to enhance employee retention, AI-assisted screening and sourcing and automated workflows, Symphony is designed to be ATS-agnostic, enabling it to integrate with a wider variety of ATS software solutions.


Price: Costs vary according to specific needs and solutions, and customers can get a custom quote or arrange a demonstration by contacting Yello. There are no free trials or free software solutions available.

Key Features:

  • Scheduled automation
  • Video interviewing
  • Employee referrals
  • A variety of ATS integrations

Active in the talent software market since 2008, Yello’s focus is on campus and event recruitment, but it also provides support for more general talent acquisition endeavors. The software features event-driven recruiting, interview scheduling and recruitment marketing and operations. Designed to integrate with both HRIS and ATS software, Yello provides metrics and insights that can be used to optimize recruiting for better ROI. A particularly strong tool for managing recruitment through career fairs, trade shows and conventions, Yello draws considerable customer praise for its event-driven talent acquisition effectiveness.

Zoho Recruit

Price: Zoho Recruit offers a free version with very basic functionality and paid tiers that range from $25 up to $62 per month per user. It also provides client-specific portals for use by recruitment agencies that cost $5 per month.

Key Features:

  • Resume parsing
  • Self-service candidate portal
  • Interaction tracking
  • Background screening and reference checking
  • Internal HR career path and retention features

Zoho Recruit is designed to provide comprehensive talent acquisition support, with its feature-rich functionality providing automated workflows, template-driven email and text messaging, resume parsing from both .docx and .pdf files and the creation of clean and simple career websites with auto-populating job postings. It integrates seamlessly with the broader family of well-known Zoho HR software solutions, and like most of those solutions, it enjoys high praise from customers.

Recruiting CRM FAQs

What’s the difference between ATS and CRM software?

An ATS is recruiting software designed to optimize the full hiring process in a single platform by providing a way for recruiters to post openings, collect applications and organize, screen, evaluate and select them. CRM software is designed to build stronger relationships between candidates and recruiters. It’s part of a company’s proactive recruitment marketing, allowing the creation of talent communities that can be targeted for a variety of job openings.

How does CRM recruitment software help talent acquisition?

Candidate relationship management does three important things for your recruitment. It automates time-consuming follow-ups. This, in turn, supports quality and consistency of communication, encouraging candidates to pass on praise about your company to other potential applicants. Finally, it helps build a relationship-first paradigm that goes beyond the basics of the recruitment process and ensures that no one falls through the cracks.

Does recruiting CRM software work?

Yes, CRM recruitment can be very effective. It’s useful for a proactive approach that markets your company to the candidate, and candidates with an established relationship with a brand are much more likely to answer cold emails. Using recruiting CRM software simplifies the recruiting process, attracts targeted talent and may reduce employee turnover.

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