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How to Hire in Denver: Hiring Trends for 2023

Businesses hiring in Denver can expect to attract a range of highly skilled and educated applicants, thanks to the fact that half of Denver’s 711,464 residents 25 and older hold a bachelor’s degree or higher credentials. The Mile High City has grown by 21.2% over the past decade, and approximately three-quarters of Denverites aged 16 and over are either currently employed or searching the Denver help wanted ads.

As an employer, knowing the local job market can help you understand where to look for your ideal applicants, what jobs are in-demand and who the city’s biggest employers are.

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Below are Indeed’s insights* to help you create your next help wanted ad in Denver:

*Indeed data (US) — December 2022
As of December 2022, jobs in Denver, CO are very competitive compared to other job markets.

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Competing for talent in Denver


Job seekers that clicked Denver job postings


Jobs that received clicks by job seekers


Average number of job seekers per job posting

Who else is hiring in Denver?

Below are the most popular employers in the Denver, CO, metro based on job clicks in December 2022 on Indeed.com.

Here are the top employers by clicks:

  1. State of Colorado
  2. University of Colorado
  3. City and County of Denver
  4. SCL Health
  5. UCHealth
  6. FedEx Ground
  7. Lockheed Martin
  8. Children’s Hospital Colorado
  9. DISH
  10. UnitedHealth Group

As the most populous city in Colorado and the state capital, Denver is home to a number of major employers in the education, government and health care industries, including the State of Colorado, UC Health and the University of Colorado.

Job seeker search activity in Denver

There are 868K resumes from job seekers available in Denver on Indeed that you can source talent for your open positions from. Learn more about what to look for in a resume.

There are 1.6M job seekers who have clicked on jobs leading to 7.6 job seekers per job on average.

Here are the top search terms job seekers click on:

  1. Warehouse
  2. Cannabis
  3. Administrative Assistant
  4. Server
  5. Receptionist
  6. Delivery Driver
  7. Sales
  8. Human Resources
  9. Bartender
  10. Customer Service

In December 2022, “Warehouse”, “Cannabis” and “Administrative Assistant” ranked as the top three most popular search terms among job seekers in Denver. Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant and Receptionist jobs were also in-demand as were jobs in Denver’s thriving cannabis industry.

Where are the candidates for Denver jobs?

Approximately one-third of Denver job seekers live in the city, with the balance residing in nearby communities, such as Aurora, Littleton and Lakewood. Posting your Denver help wanted ad in neighboring cities can help you reach a greater pool of qualified applicants.

Below are the top 10 listed locations for resumes in the Denver area:

  1. Denver, CO
  2. Aurora, CO
  3. Lakewood, CO
  4. Thornton, CO
  5. Littleton, CO
  6. Boulder, CO
  7. Arvada, CO
  8. Westminster, CO
  9. Parker, CO
  10. Centennial, CO

Indeed requires location information for job postings and is one of the first pieces of information that is needed to list a job.

Need to post your job in multiple locations? Click here to learn more. Please note our location policies and only post jobs to locations where an opportunity is currently available.

Recruit from Denver universities, colleges and trade schools

Consider adding Denver’s colleges, universities and trade schools to your list of search terms when hiring in Denver. You might also want to attend college job fairs and post your Denver help wanted ad on local school job boards.

Denver colleges and universities

Denver is home to a number of top-ranked colleges and universities that offer a wide range of academic and professional programs, including the University of Denver, the University of Colorado Denver, and the Metropolitan State University of Denver. The Community College of Denver offers training in health sciences, manufacturing and construction and business, while specialized trades programs are available at Emily Griffith Technical College and the Rocky Mountain Electrical Training Institute.

  • The University of Denver
  • University of Colorado Denver
  • Metropolitan State University of Denver
  • Community College of Denver

Denver trade schools

  • Emily Griffith Technical College Trades Campus
  • Rocky Mountain Electrical Training Institute
  • Pima Medical Institute

Hiring and other resources for Denver businesses

City and County of Denver: The official website for the City and County of Denver includes information on business licensing and inspection; Denver’s zoning code; local tax credits and incentives; and government procurement opportunities. Visit the City and County of Denver.

Colorado LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce: The Colorado LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding opportunities for LGBTQ entrepreneurs and their allies. The Denver Chapter hosts a number of regular networking and educational events, including biweekly breakfast meetings and fundraisers to support local charitable organizations. Visit the Colorado LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce.

Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce: This 150-year-old business development organization promotes commerce-friendly government policies, advances economic growth in the Denver area, and advocates for its 3,000 member businesses. Visit the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce.

Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce: Headquartered in Denver, the CBCC works to promote economic opportunities for African-American business owners throughout Colorado. Members have access to year-round training opportunities, networking events and mentorship programs. Visit the Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce.

Women of Denver: Women of Denver is a membership-based organization geared towards executives, professionals and entrepreneurs. WoD members can advertise in the member directory, connect with other members through weekly virtual meet-ups and skill-building workshops and attend regular WoD summits in Metro Denver. Visit the Women of Denver.

Find Denver talent: best practices for creating a help wanted ad

A number of factors contribute to Denver’s moderately competitive job market, including steady population growth. Taking the time to understand the market will help you reach and attract a qualified talent pool.

Ready to create and distribute a help wanted ad in Denver? Check out our guide on how to write a help wanted ad or get started by posting your job on Indeed.

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